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Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

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ODI Tutoring Program

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers course tutoring to students registered in the following ODI Programs: ACCESS, BNRC, JLM, LSAMP, LSS, MSP, and YSP.

To request a tutoring appointment, go to www.go.osu.edu/oncourse. Click the blue “Schedule Appointment” link on the right-hand side. Select “ODI” as the appointment type, “ODI Tutoring” as the department, and “Course-based Tutoring” as the reason. Choose a location, and choose the course you would like to request tutoring for. Provide multiple days and times, review your request, and submit. When the appointment request is fulfilled you will receive a confirmation email and it will appear on your OnCourse Calendar.

Please refer to the Tutee Memorandum of Agreement for participation policies and procedures. You may also refer to the “Tutoring Program, Student Page” Carmen page for additional information.

Tutee Memorandum of Agreement

ODI Supplemental Instruction

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides Supplemental instruction (SI). SI is a series of weekly review sessions for students enrolled in selected courses. It is designed to organize and improve the ways students study for class by providing a collaborative atmosphere led by an SI Leader with mastery in the course subject. The SI Leader shadows course lectures to understand how students are currently receiving information, and tailors their sessions accordingly.

Students who regularly attend SI Sessions earn better grades, develop a greater understanding of the course material, and learn more effective ways to study. Additionally, they develop relationships with peers and develop a network of support. SI session attendance is not mandatory, and students may begin attending at any point in the semester. Do note - the greatest benefit derives from regular attendance and active participation.

If an ODI Scholar is enrolled in a SI-offered course, they will be automatically enrolled in a Carmen group at the beginning of each semester. To access this group, log into Carmen, visit the “ODI Tutoring Program, Student Page,” select “People,” and select the “Groups” tab. The ODI TSSS Program Manager and SI Leader will share session information (time, location, days) at the beginning of each semester.