ACCESS Collaborative

ACCESS Collaborative

Breaking the cycle of poverty in single-parent families one degree at a time.

An academic and social support program to assist low-income, single parent students who are pursuing a college education at The Ohio State University.

COVID-19: Comprehensive list of resources and information

A comprehensive list of resources and information including how to support your child through the conoravirus pandemic as well as educational resources.

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Grant to support student parents at Ohio State

Over one quarter of all college students have child dependents, and those students face the competing demands of caregiving, work, and school responsibilities.

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ACCESS/MSP Alumna Monica R. Liggins-Abrams

In 2002, as a first-generation college student from a low-income family in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Monica R. Liggins-Abrams applied to The Ohio State University. While in high school, she had spent time in Columbus and attended a summer enrichment program through the African-American and African Studies Extension Center. It was a one week residential program that introduced her to Ohio State.

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The ACCESS Collaborative Program is an academic and social support program to assist low-income, single parent students who are pursuing a college education at The Ohio State University. While the program strives to increase the retention rates of all low-income, single parent students, attention is given to the unique circumstances of students from diverse social groups, including minorities. By minimizing the barriers that may prevent their full participation, the ACCESS Collaborative Program works to create a campus climate that is inclusive for all.

Who We Are

The ACCESS Collaborative Program, which was established in 1989, was created to enable single parent students with custody of their children to earn an undergraduate degree and find employment suitable to their academic preparation. The program coordinates university and community support services to meet the single parents' needs as students and heads of household.

Who We Serve

The ACCESS Collaborative Program welcomes both male and female undergraduate single parent students who are either full-time or part-time students at Ohio State. ACCESS Collaborative offers students three categories of involvement with corresponding services dependent on the level of participation.

  • Full-time Ohio State students with a minimum GPA of 2.3 with full, physical custody of their children
  • Any Ohio State single parent student may attend ACCESS Collaborative Programming only
Services Offered
  • Programming on parenting and life skills; child development; and financial planning
  • Single parent group
  • Priority registration
  • Scholarship opportunities, mentoring, professional development, evening child care, housing assistance
  • Parenting skills: building self-esteem and promoting autonomy in children, improving family harmony, guiding children to maturity.
  • Life skills: stress management, relationship building, communication skill development