Preparing for the Professoriate Retreat

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Preparing for the Professoriate Retreat

The annual retreat helps students prepare for the rigors of graduate & professional school, provides a scholarly atmosphere of support where historically underrepresented doctoral students can share and receive ongoing feedback on their research and professional interests, and assists students with goal setting and outlining a professional plan.

It serves as a special time devoted to graduate/professional students, and those in dual degree grad/prof programs, from different disciplines and levels of study to network with others who seek to enter the professoriate and/or university administration. The retreat is designed to offer support and insights to increase the successful completion of respective doctoral programs and future faculty representation. In line with feedback and recommendations from past cohorts, this year's information and/or session presentations may include the following:

  • Succeeding amid the rigors of grad/prof school [during a pandemic]

  • Approaching work in faculty, administration & other alternatives

  • Mentorship and building an academic community

  • Navigating challenges and other obstacles in programs and the workplace

  • Coping with and avoiding personal and emotional hurdles to success

  • Preparing for life after graduation

  • And other important topics may be discussed

A student who attended the retreat had this to say: “I learned a great deal from the sessions on how to be aware of and navigate the politics in the academy and make the best out of my graduate studies. In addition, the informal conversation… about surviving academia was enlightening. Retreats like these rejuvenate me and enhance my focus on productivity goals.”

Through support from the Enterprise Foundation (10) and JPMorgan Chase (2), the first twelve students to submit a Preparing for the Professoriate Retreat registration and complete the program, in full, will receive a modest research grant provided you have room in your Financial Aid package to include additional funding.

Sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Graduate School.

Have questions or need accommodations?

If you have questions or a disability and require accommodations to fully participate in this activity, please send an email to Starr Davis at You will be contacted by someone from our staff to discuss your specific needs.