Upward Bound

Upward Bound

Since 1965, The Ohio State University Upward Bound Program has been instrumental in helping Columbus City high school students achieve their goals. Federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Upward Bound offers students the opportunity to excel not only in high school, but also in college and beyond.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Ohio State University Upward Bound Program is to instill and foster the necessary skills, talents, and motivation needed for each participant to successfully graduate from high school and enroll in and complete their post-secondary education. Each student will be encouraged to take full advantage of their Upward Bound experience while continuously improving their level of preparation for the next stage in their academic career. The Upward Bound Program is intentionally designed to empower students to take a proactive role in education and excel far beyond their idealized potential.

About Upward Bound

The Upward Bound Program is one of the federal TRiO programs, which are educational opportunity outreach initiatives. TRiO programs are designed to motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes outreach and support programs targeted to serve and assist low-income, first-generation college students, and students with disabilities to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to post baccalaureate programs.

Students can apply and be accepted into the program at the end of their eighth grade year thru their eleventh grade year in high school. The Upward Bound Program lays a strong academic and social foundation and prepares students for college. Beyond the opportunity to partake in a positive, motivating, college-focused environment, members of The Ohio State University Upward Bound Program family receive intensive year-round academic preparation, tutoring services, and test preparation for the Ohio Graduation Test, ACT and SAT. Furthermore, students are afforded the opportunity to participate in college/cultural tours and personal/career development activities and workshops during Saturday Academy sessions and the Upward Bound Summer Institute.

Intended Purposes

  • Academic Enrichment

  • Cultural Exposure

  • Community Service

  • College Experience

  • Build Socialization & Communication Skills

Summer Component

During the summer component of Upward Bound, students participate in a six-week enrichment institute. During these six weeks, students take core-subject classes, electives, attend program-sponsored career day, and college fair events, and college visits. Eligible graduating seniors participate in the Upward Bound Bridge Program which affords them the opportunity to take actual college courses at The Ohio State University for six (6) hours of transferable college credit. The Upward Bound Program is a great opportunity for young people to enhance their academic abilities, set short-term and long-term goals, and go to college!

Academic Year Component

Throughout the academic year and summer component, mathematics, science, language arts, and foreign language classes are taught to provide academic enrichment for all program participants. Additionally, students take an enrichment course that focuses on topics such as financial aid, scholarships, resume writing, choosing a college major and/or career, ACT/SAT preparation, and study skills. This enrichment course, as well as various cultural, educational, and recreational program-sponsored activities, focuses on to building life skills such as relationship building, leadership, communication, and etiquette.