Young Scholars Program

Young Scholars Program

The Ohio State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion Young Scholars Program (YSP) is a comprehensive pre-collegiate and collegiate program designed to enhance the academic, personal, and career development of its Scholars.

YSP in the News

ODI staff experts lead the way as the university boosts first-generation students

For the one in five Buckeye students who are first-generation college students, the college experience brings an additional set of cultural and emotional hurdles to clear to stay on track to graduation.

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Young Scholar Program Senior Visit Day

About 90 high school seniors from Ohio's largest cities spent Thursday, September 23rd on the Columbus campus as part of the Young Scholar Program's senior visit day.

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Ohio State provides free tuition to sixteen CCS Seniors via Young Scholars Program

As part of the Young Scholars Program (YSP), sixteen Columbus City Schools seniors will attend The Ohio State University tuition-free beginning this Fall.

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About the Young Scholars Program

YSP is an exceptional opportunity for academically talented, first-generation students with high financial need to advance their goal of pursuing higher education. Founded in 1988, YSP serves students from the nine largest urban public school districts in Ohio: Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Lorain, Toledo, and Youngstown. Scholars must meet all program requirements including qualifying as low-income and being the first in their family to receive a bachelor's degree. Scholars must complete a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, with high academic achievement to be eligible for the scholarship. Scholars in good academic standing receive a robust financial aid package to The Ohio State University, consisting of federal and state grants, work-study, and the Young Scholars Award.

The Young Scholars Program began in 1988 as a result of numerous studies conducted by The Ohio State University on the pattern of declining enrollment as well comparatively low retention and graduation rates among Black students. In 1987, Myles Brand, Vice President and Provost of the Office of Academic Affairs, headed a task force of faculty, staff, and students who were charged with developing a plan to reverse these trends and to increase the diversity of Ohio State's student body, faculty, and staff. Recognizing the challenge they were faced with was part of a growing national and statewide dilemma, the task force, under the direction of President Edward Jennings, developed the Action Plan: Recruitment and Retention of Black Students at The Ohio State University.

Through this plan, the university began taking a national leadership role in attempting to address problems associated with the recruitment and retention of Black students. The plan drew on a variety of strategies that had been developed on smaller scales both at Ohio State and at other institutions. The Action Plan was comprehensive, interconnected, and innovative both for its long-ranging implications and for the full involvement of faculty, students, administrators, alumni, and community members. A key component of the plan was the implementation of the Young Scholars Program.

Our Scholars receive:

  • Pre-college preparation through intensive college advising
  • Group and one-on-one academic coaching and mentoring
  • College planning tools and resources
  • Academic, leadership, and social engagement at The Ohio State University
  • Guided major and career exploration
  • An opportunity to attend a world class research university with a generous scholarship

In particular, YSP seeks to:

  • Enhance the academic preparation of Scholars for success at The Ohio State University.
  • Increase the numbers of first-generation, low income targeted underrepresented students at The Ohio State University.
  • Complement instruction offered during the academic year.

Connecting multiple levels of education, each year, YSP assists over 1,000 students state-wide, including 700 students in grades 8-12 and 350 undergraduate students, serving as a stepping stone for success at Ohio State and beyond.

What YSP Means to Me

YSP aims to bring the best experience to all its Scholars. Read below what our students are saying about the Scholars Program:

      "New Opportunities, New Faces, New People, New Personalities, New Expectations, New Friends, And the chance of a Lifetime. . . To me, YSP is more than a program, We’re a family."

      "The Young Scholars Program means a chance at college that few people get. It also means a chance to make friends that are more like myself. The program has helped me further understand the material in my classes. It has also encouraged me to try something new and to take control of the situation. Thanks to YSP, I’ve met several new close friends. It has helped me greatly in my life and motivated me to be a role model.”

      "YSP helps me solve problems in different ways and even see life in a different way. To me, YSP has become a family. Everyone becomes so close.”

      “The Young Scholars Program was a life-changing experience that instilled resilience, discipline, focus, and many other admirable qualities in me while simultaneously equipping me with the requisite skills to excel at The Ohio State University."

      "YSP has given many first generation students, including myself, an opportunity to make a difference not only in our own lives but also the lives of our loved ones and our communities. Since the 6th grade, I have been a part of this program. I knew then that I had to work diligently in order to obtain my scholarship. Little did I know upon my initial induction, YSP cares about our academic achievements, personal development and well-being.”

      "Young Scholars has afforded me opportunities that I never thought possible. I am a strong believer in this program. It is important that it keeps giving younger generations the same opportunities. I am a graduating Senior in Visual Communication Design, I have traveled to Brazil and in April, Taiwan and Tokyo. I would not be here at The Ohio State University if it were not for the Young Scholars Program.”

      “The Lorain Young Scholars Program believes in the motivational power of education. After 25 years, we continue to be a primary resource in improving the quality of life of the families in our, once thriving, manufacturing community.”

      “YSP has taught me that I can achieve any goal that I set for myself with hard work and dedication. I chose this quote because it relates to the workshops I have gone to. They had taught me math skills that can help me in school. I have also learned about speaking in public.”

      "What the Young Scholars Program has done for me and my fellow scholars exceeds description. It is because of this program that I will be attending the Ohio State University this upcoming fall tuition free. This program has opened multiple doors for me and has truly been the stepping stone I needed to complete my career goals. The Young Scholars Program is by far the most rewarding program I have ever been apart of and I would be at a loss without it.”

      "The Young Scholars Program is an amazing opportunity to me. It is a way for me to learn more about college and a great way to experience new things. Throughout these years YSP has led me to look at life in many different ways. In addition to that I have gained a lot of knowledge and many wonderful friends. I can happily say that YSP is my family and they have helped me grow in more ways than I thought possible.”

      "The Young Scholars Program has not only supplied me with a future education, but also with the confidence and integrity to strive for my dreams, no matter how big or radical they may be. And for that, I can not thank them enough!”