Young Scholars Learn
Research Methods

YSP scholr present research poster

In August, for their Methods Research class taught by Bob Eckhart, English Enrichment Research Instructor, 21 Young Scholars presented posters of their research. These poster presentations occurred during the YSP Summer Bridge Program, which takes place before the start of the students’ freshman year of college. All participating students had either Advanced Placement credit or tested out of introductory English at The Ohio State University. According to the Reinventing Undergraduate Education report produced by the Boyer Commission on Educating Undergraduates at a Research University, the optimal design for first-year education is inquiry-based. The poster presentations introduced students to the fundamental starting place for research: a question that needed answered. A backbone of all education, the research the Young Scholars generated will lay a strong foundation for the rest of their college education – and perhaps influence them to consider graduate school.

In addition to sparking an interest in research, the poster presentations also served as a capstone experience, a practice also recommended by the Boyer Commission. Mr. Eckhart based the poster presentations on The Ohio State University’s Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, which is the culmination of the entire undergraduate experience for many top students at Ohio State. For those Young Scholars who will go on to present at the Denman, they can look back on their YSP Summer Enrichment experience and know that they already had a poster presentation under their belt.