Young Scholars to become
Global Citizens

Pictured from left to right: Michaela Singleton; Jordan Sibley; Cardez Gregory; Dr. Rochelle Woods; E'mari Zurko Richardson; Zachary Weisenseel; Paige M. Wilcox Not pictured: Marquis Gaines; Leslie Luna; Sophia Sherhag; Zachery Wright

Pictured from left to right: Michaela Singleton; Jordan Sibley; Cardez Gregory; Dr. Rochelle Woods; E'mari Zurko Richardson; Zachary Weisenseel; Paige M. Wilcox. Not pictured: Marquis Gaines; Leslie Luna; Sophia Sherhag; Zachery Wright. Photo credit: Victor van Buchem


With the O-H-I-O Education Abroad Scholarship, ten Young Scholars have been given the opportunity to see the world and become global Buckeyes.

The scholarships are set up so YSP students who apply can utilize funds prior to graduation giving them enough time to plan their trip. “Once awarded a scholarship,” says OIA Education Abroad Director Grace Johnson, “those funds are then available for the Young Scholars to use with any Ohio State-approved education abroad program.”

Established in 2016 by the Office of International Affairs (OIA), the O-H-I-O Scholarship supports and encourages underrepresented and diverse student populations to participate in Ohio State education abroad opportunities. Selection of the students is coordinated by Johnson, Rochelle Woods, Director of YSP, Chila Thomas, Assistant Director of YSP, and Robert Bennett III, who works in ODI as Special Assistant to the BNRC Executive Director and in OIA as a Program Specialist in Education Abroad.

This year’s cohort of students are as varied as a nursing major who will be participating in a Nursing Experience to Nicaragua to a neuroscience major heading to Great Britain for a British Invasion Band experience – which only goes to show that students do not need to go abroad in their program of study to learn about other cultures.

Congratulations to all of our Young Scholar awardees!

2018 O-H-I-O Education Abroad Awardees

Marquis Gaines, YSP Canton
Physical Education
Higher Education in Brazil, Spring break 2018

Cardez Gregory, YSP Toledo
Social Work
Nicaragua Social Work program

E'mari Zurko Richardson, YSP Youngstown
Nursing Experience in Nicaragua, Summer 2018

Leslie Luna, YSP Akron
Health Sciences
Between France and Morocco, Summer 2018

Jordan Sibley, YSP Akron
Global May Uganda, Summer 2018

Zachary Weisenseel, YSP Cleveland
British Invasion Band program in Great Britain

Paige M. Wilcox, YSP Cincinnati
Genocide and Its Aftermath in Rwanda, Summer 2018

Sophia Sherhag, YSP Cleveland
ISA Spanish GE Language and Culture in Barranquilla, Colombia, Spring 2018

Michaela Singleton, YSP Canton
Global May Britain, Summer 2018

Zachery Wright, YSP Youngstown
Psychology and Culture in Europe, Summer 2018