Lunch and Learn 2017

Lunch and Learn alums

Nearly 15 alums of the Young Scholars Program (YSP) and current Ohio State Young Scholars came together at the second YSP Lunch and Learn to better understand the direction of the program and to learn about opportunities for involvement and support. The Lunch and Learn also provided an opportunity for students past and present to talk about the significant role that YSP played in their educational journeys.

Dr. Rochelle Woods, director of the Young Scholars Program, spoke briefly about the program. She stated that the 2017-2018 YSP class, at 118 Young Scholars, is the largest ever, while the last Young Scholar graduating class pushed the number of alums to over 1,000. Several initiatives were highlighted, including the Sophomore Success Series, which has shown a 30% increase in retention of second year Young Scholars. Kimberly McCalla, Director of Advancement, then spoke about the importance of alumni reaching back to support current Young Scholars through the challenges that they face as first-generation students.

To illustrate the importance of such encouragement, graduating senior YSP student Alissa Mauter revealed that many students feel “overwhelmed and not prepared to come to a college,” a world they’ve never been to. India Brown, an alum from Dayton, felt that YSP students often take on more than they can handle and then can’t step away because they don’t want to look like a failure. But all agreed that having someone to talk to who has been through the same experiences – along with the support of YSP – helped them figure out how to be successful in college.

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