Position: YSP Summer Bridge Experience Peer Leader

Summer Bridge Experience Peer Leader

Summer Bridge Experience (SBE) provides academic enrichment and comprehensive support services for students funded by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion's Young Scholars Program. SBE is designed to assist entering, first semester Young Scholars with a seamless transition from high school to college and early integration to the Ohio State campus and community.

Program Dates

To be determined

Training Dates

To be determined

All listed dates are mandatory.

Job Summary

SBE Peer Leaders are responsible for fulfilling the mission of the Young Scholars Program, which is to encourage and prepare Young Scholar participants for post-secondary education. SBE Peer Leaders must have a positive attitude, genuine interest in inspiring undergraduate students for success, respect for and interest in working with people from diverse backgrounds, professionalism, and a desire to promote higher education.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities
  • Oversee the three-week pre-collegiate Summer Bridge Experience
  • Help foster the Young Scholar college community by providing mentoring and transitional support to first-year Young Scholars
  • Assist with coordinating programs for the first-year Young Scholars, facilitate evening workshops, guide campus tours, and work with other Scholar Mentors
  • Enforce summer program regulations and report infractions to appropriate individuals verbally and in writing
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Excellent knowledge of Ohio State University, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Young Scholars Program
  • Experience and/or knowledge working in teams or groups in a leadership capacity and ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations of students
  • Ability to establish priorities and work with some level of independence
  • Submit a 2019-2020 University Housing contract and live on campus during the 2019-2020 academic year
  • Funded student by the Young Scholars Scholarship
  • Undergraduate students with at least one year of experience at The Ohio State University
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.6
  • Enthusiasm for The Ohio State University, its students, staff, faculty, and co-curricular life
  • Summer Program applicants must not hold any other positions of employment for the duration the Summer Bridge Experience

The SBE Peer Leader position is voluntary, housing and meals will be paid for by the Young Scholars Program during pre-program training and during the Summer Bridge Experience.