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Undergraduate Success Programs

YSP undergraduate programs are designed to assist Young Scholars in reaching their full potential and achieving their academic and career goals through personal, professional, and leadership development. Young Scholars Programs aid in the seamless transition from high school to college, integration into the campus community, and post-baccalaureate preparation.

Undergraduate Students Success Programs begin with a summer early arrival program, followed by academic year programming, including an academic bridge program, holistic success coaching, peer mentoring, study skills enrichment, freshman seminar courses, and scholarship support services.

The YSP Early Arrival Program is designed to help Young Scholars with their transition to The Ohio State University through a week-long program that includes community building, campus resources, interaction with faculty and staff, and college success seminars.

This three-week pre-collegiate program aids scholars with transitioning from high school to college. During the residential program, scholars engage in a series of personal, academic, and wellness workshops instructed by university faculty and staff. Summer Bridge Experience workshops include the Young Scholars Seminar, Financial Aid, Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Rec Sports, Wellness and Post-Baccalaureate Preparation. The program's centerpiece is an Academic Core Curriculum including English, Math, Psychology, Economics, Statistics, Chemistry and Physics taught by Ohio State faculty and graduate students.

ASPs are academically successful undergraduate students in their junior or senior year who serve as peer mentors to first and second year students. ASPs meet with all first year scholars once per week during the academic year. They assist participants in making a successful transition from high school to college and in their matriculation toward upper-class status. They will identify and direct participants to key resources across campus. They will assist participants in their adjustment to Ohio State's competitive culture and environment.

Full-time professional staff members provide holistic retention counseling to assist undergraduate scholars with their transition from high school to college andto ensure they have the tools and resources necessary to complete a bachelor's degree. Meetings focus on cognitive and non-cognitive factors impacting student retention including personal wellness, social adjustment and integration, financial aid, student relationships and family support, student safety, time management, and major application, exploration, and degree attainment. Success Coaches monitor student academic progress and work with Scholars to ensure their personal and career goals directly align with their academic strengths.

The autumn semester Young Scholars Program Freshman Seminar, entitled Education Studies: Counselor Education (ESCE) 2273, is designed to assist Scholars with gaining a greater sense of self-identity, self-efficacy, and personal responsibility. Scholars will improve their self-management skills, and Scholars will deepen their understanding and development of interdependence. The course incorporates a series of workshops, discussions, and classroom activities that focus on student identity and goal development, study and academic success strategies, and healthy relationships.

The grades and academic progress of all Young Scholars are monitored each term the students are enrolled to ensure each student is meeting or exceeding grade requirements and making satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.

ODI offers free tutoring in core subjects for first year students, including Math and English as well as supplemental instruction in courses.

These seminars cover a set of cohesive and progressive topics to help students deepen their knowledge of learning strategies, motivation and goal setting, as well as career and professional development.

This new program focuses on the professional and career development of undergraduate junior and senior Young Scholars by connecting them with successful OSU and YSP alumni. Scholars are matched with a mentor, who they meet with monthly. The program is guided by curriculum that focuses on career exploration, life skills and leadership development, and the promotion of scholarly behaviors both inside and outside the classroom.

Success Coaches

Success Coaches are full-time professional staff members who provide holistic retention counseling to help scholars transition from high school to college. Success Coaches monitor student academic progress and work with scholars to ensure their personal and career goals align with their academic strengths.

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YSP Early Arrival Program

The YSP Early Arrival Program (YSP-EAP) helps scholars transition from high school to college. Scholars learn about resources and strategies to help them succeed in college and develop while engaging in academic, personal, and professional development workshops instructed by university faculty and staff. YSP-EAP workshops and presentations focus on setting goals, prioritizing management, developing peer and professional relationships, accessing and utilizing university resources, self-identity, and personal wellness.

Bridge Curricular Learning Community

The Bridge Curricular Learning Community promotes a holistic, sustained, cooperative learning process for incoming scholars. The semester-long bridge program collaborates with academic departments to identify critical general education courses, reserve seats in select lecture sections, and enroll scholars in corresponding closed recitation sections.