Student Employment

Student Employment

The Office of Diversity's Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center is one of the largest employers of African American students on campus. In the past, the Hale Center has employed more than 163 students a year. Our students get experience helping to manage programs and special events.

Work Study Opportunities

The purpose of the Federal Work-Study Program is to provide part-time employment for students who need the income to help meet the costs of postsecondary education and to encourage FWSP recipients to participate in community service activities. Additionally, by providing a wide range of employment opportunities in various fields, the Federal Work-Study Program helps students to get work experience related to their educational and career objectives.

At the Hale Center, students are given the opportunity to work in an environment that supports and fosters their academic success. Students learn skills related to:

  • Managing special events and programming
  • Creating newsletters and publications
  • Monitoring computer labs and maintaining protocol
  • Secretarial duties and responsibilities
  • Management of building maintenance

Also, we monitor our students and their performance on a consistent basis, and we reward those who follow the Hale Center values by giving them an opportunity to become a “Student Leader." Student leaders are given more responsibility than the average work-study student. This experience is instrumental in helping them progress in their career while a student at Ohio State and in their post-graduate career as well. Being a leader of their peers will help build confidence and prepare them to manage others throughout their life.

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