Alternative Funding Resources FAQs

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The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in collaboration with Student Financial Aid, offers many donor-based scholarships with a wide variety of eligibility criteria. To apply each year, submit the FAFSA and the Special Scholarships Application by the priority date, typically set for February 1.

Is the FAFSA required for consideration?
No, the FAFSA is not required. However, some of the scholarships request that students demonstrate financial aid need. Therefore, completing the FAFSA is encouraged.   

How are students selected for each scholarship?
Applications are reviewed by a committee of staff and faculty. Interviews may be a part of the review process.

How many students are selected for each scholarship?
The number of students selected varies based on the scholarship criteria. For instance, the Frank W. Hale scholarship recommends selecting up to three students.

What is the amount of the scholarship awards?
The minimum is $500, but the amounts vary based on the scholarship awarded.

Can I receive a scholarship from more than one scholarship source?
Because of the demand and the specificity of the scholarship criteria, students are selected for only one scholarship.

Will the scholarships be renewed?
Based on criteria specified by the donor, some scholarships are renewable and some are not.  Information about awarding guidelines will be included in the award letter.

Can I apply each year?

If I am awarded a multi-year scholarship, can I apply for additional scholarships next year?

How will I receive my funds?
The scholarships will be awarded by Student Financial Aid. The funds will appear on your Award Summary found in Buckeye Link through the View Financial Aid link.

Still have additional questions?
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