Scholar Spotlight: Evelin Nunez-Rodriguez

Evelin Nunez-Rodriguez

Evelin Nunez-Rodriguez is a Young Scholar from Cleveland, Ohio who is also involved with the Latinx Student Success (LSS). YSP provides opportunities for academically talented, first-generation students with high financial need to advance their goal of pursuing higher education while LSS works to cultivate Latinx communities for academic, social, and professional support.

What is your major and when do you plan on graduating?

I am an English major, with a focus on creative writing. I will be graduating with Research Distinction on May 5, 2019. Students in good standing who maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA may complete a thesis or creative project and graduate with research distinction.

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation, I will continue my education. I will be pursuing my Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs at The Ohio State University.

What did it mean as a future Buckeye to be a Young Scholar?

It meant everything. Coming to Ohio State as a Young Scholar was the highlight of my academic career. I had spent six years with the program preparing for the next step of attending college. I wholeheartedly know that if it were not for the Young Scholars Program, I would not be in the position I am now. I would not have found a support system, resources, or the confidence I have.

Since the start of Latinx Student Services in 2017, what positive effects has the program had for Latinx students at Ohio State?

I feel there has been a huge change. When I arrived at Ohio State, LSS did not exist, and it was just hard for students in the community. LSS has created a space for visibility, and students can find resources and other students who share in similar culture and language.

You are involved in quite a few projects at Ohio State. Can you tell me more about your responsibilities and how they have impacted you and your fellow students?

Being an ODI Ambassador is so rewarding. I can represent programs I love like The Latinx Leadership Development Institute and The Young Scholars Program. I share my experience and the program overview at different events.

The Latinx Leadership Development Institute (LLDI) has been one of my favorite programs I have been a part of. I began as a mentee, grew to be a mentor and then was given the opportunity to be Lead Mentor. As Lead Mentor, I am planning cohort sessions. As a mentee, I greatly benefited from the cohort sessions I received, and it is a rewarding feeling that I get to do the same for others. LLDI directly impacts its participants, from first year students getting access and knowledge of resources that Ohio State has, to being exposed to event planning through their capstone experience. I also get to plan out Mentor Development Sessions to help grow student's mentorship techniques and leadership skills.

The Undergraduate Education Student Advisory Group discusses what students need to be successful throughout their academic journey at Ohio State. The goal of this group is to help enhance resources and programming for student academic success. As a member of this advisory group, I share my lived experiences in hopes to better gauge what students like myself would need to be successful. I can help make the journey to education easier for those who come after me.