Research and Creative Expression Strategic Plan

The Office of Research undertook an inclusive process to develop the Time and Change strategic plan for Pillar 3 - Research and Creative Expression. Faculty provided significant feedback throughout the process, by leading and engaging in key workgroups, participating in surveys, and sharing important and timely information with colleagues. This planning stage culminated with the Board of Trustees endorsement of the plan at its November 2019 board meeting.

Research and Creative Expression Work Group on Diversity and Inclusion

Incentivize efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in research and creative expression and ensure that women and underrepresented faculty are provided support at each part of the career cycle.

James Moore and Jacquelyn Meshelemiah


Agarwal, Gunjan, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering:

Chen, Joyce, Associate Professor, Agriculture, Environmental and Development Economics:

Denby, Ramona W., Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Social Work Administration:

Fleming, Gloria, Associate Professor-Clinical, Ophthalmology Department:

Hodge, Samuel, Professor, Department of Human Sciences:

Kleit, Rachel G., Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Engineering:

Meshelemiah, Jacquelyn, Associate Professor, College of Social Work :

Northern, Kathy, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Moritz College of Law:

Moore, James, Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Diversity and Inclusion:

Williams, Andrea, Director and Associate Professor, The Women's Place and English Department: