Regional Campus Transitioners Early Arrival Program

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RCT Early Arrival Program

The Regional Campus Transitioners (RCT) Early Arrival Program is coordinated by the RCT Scholars Program within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The RCT EAP is a three-day in-person program for incoming campus change students to the Columbus campus. The EAP prepares students for transitioning to The Ohio State University Columbus campus by providing educational and resourceful workshops, engaging presentations, and team-building activities before the start of the school year. Further, it is the expectation that RCT EAP participants will become RCT Scholars and fully participate in the RCT Scholars Program, a year-long commitment.

RCT Scholar EAP Expectations

  • Scholars are encouraged to attend the full early arrival program.
  • Scholars are encouraged to fully engage with peers, mentors (referred to as Social Peer Assistants), the Academic Success Coach and Program Manager to forge a relationship grounded on mutual trust and respect.
  • Scholars should aim to establish a strong community bond through open communication among all other scholars, mentors, and with the program manager.
  • Scholars should be open-minded towards new experiences and willing to step outside of their comfort zones to seek university resources, engage with campus life, and interact with staff and faculty.


There is no cost for RCT Scholars who participate in the program.

Questions or Accommodations

Please direct any questions about RCT or any need for accommodations to Chaka Wilson at or