Reflections on the Dominican Republic 2019

student in the Dominican Republic in front of a colorful building

On December 12 - 21, 2019, around 20 ODI Scholars participated in Higher Education in the Dominican Republic, an Ohio State education abroad program in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic has an access gap throughout all levels of the education system, and academic achievement is persistently lower for Afro-Dominicans, especially for those from economically disadvantaged communities. Through classroom lectures and field trips to educational institutions, students will examine the Dominican Republic education system with special attention to the access and equity challenges experienced by Afro-Dominicans. Students will develop a basic understanding of how race, class, gender and geographic location impact educational, economic and socio-cultural opportunities for Afro-Dominicans.

Below are the reflections written by students who went on the education abroad experience.

Rayonna Booth

"To understand life in the Dominican Republic, one must first understand the history to better configure how its inhabitants operate and receive education."

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Victoria Branch

" Traveling, for me, is all about gaining perspective and widening my world view."

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Dimetri Brandon

"I had a great experience going on the study abroad trip that examined Higher Education in the Dominican Republic."

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Olivia Brown

"During my education abroad program in the Dominican Republic, I learned a rich history about the beautiful country as well as its education system."

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Cariah Cox

"I was honored with the opportunity to study abroad for the first time in Dominican Republic, studying higher education with emphasis on access, equity, and opportunity."

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Sydney Green

"My time in the Dominican Republic taught me a lot, as well as confirmed a lot of the cultural norms that I was able to learn before coming."

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Teneeyah Hale

"My experience visiting the Dominican Republic will be something that I will never forget. This educational trip has impacted my life for the better because it has helped me academically and personally."

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Shewina Hassani

"Firstly, I would like to give my sincerest thanks to the people that made this trip possible: Dr. Moore, Grace Johnson, Stephanie Sanders, Anny Torres, Eliesset Supulved, Brady Burgos and anyone else behind the scenes who had a hand in making this trip happen."

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Sierra Hobby

"My study abroad trip to the Dominican Republic was an informative, eye opening, and humbling experience."

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Sheronda Jackson

"I chose to study abroad in hopes of comparing the educational system of the Dominican Republic versus the educational system of the United States."

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Ambar Javier

Although my trip was disrupted by the flu, my time in the Dominican Republic taught me more about my culture than anything else.

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Adesh Labhasetwar

"There are no words to describe the rhythm of the beating drums that ceremoniously guide the farmers to create chocolate."

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Mayraleeh Nelson

"The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country with an interesting deep history, filled with lovely people that are caring and proud to be Dominican."

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Jocelyn Robertson

"Traveling to the Dominican Republic with ODI has easily been one of the top defining moments of my Ohio State experience."

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Janie Serna

"When I applied for the study abroad trip to the Dominican Republic to learn about higher education, I did not think it would challenge me in the ways it did."

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Robby Soto

"The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country on the inside and out."

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Sly Worthy Jr.

"Excited, nervous, scared. Those were the emotions I felt when I found out I was accepted into the program, and they lasted throughout."

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Ember Zaahir

"I did not apply for this education abroad with a definite reason, only knowing that I wanted to get my feet wet in traveling before I applied to a longer program. "

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