Professor William Nericcio visit

March 23-24, 2020: Dr. William “Memo” Nericcio

Due to travel restrictions over COVID-19, Dr. Nericcio's visit has been cancelled.

10 Things You Need to Know: Publishing and the Job Market

Graduate Student Workshop

Monday, March 23rd | 12:30 pm-2 pm
18th Avenue Library, room 352​

Love in the Age of Hate

The Alfred Arteaga​ Memorial Lecture in Latinx Media & Culture​

Tuesday, March 24th | 4pm-5:30 pm
Thompson Library Room 165

Talking #BrownTV

Book Reading and Signing with Frederick Aldama and William Nericcio

Tuesday, March 24th | 6 pm-7 pm
Wexner Center Bookstore

About William Nericcio

William NericcioA notorious California-based film/lit/comix professor, public intellectual, artist, and sometime troublemaker, William Nericcio was born in the frontera/borderlands of South Texas, Laredo to be exact. For thirteen years, he labored under the watchful, at times sinister, eyes of sisters, brothers, and priests at Blessed Sacrament Elementary and St. Augustine High School--no doubt this contributes to the rumors that he was "raised by nuns" that makes its way around the internets. With an undergraduate degree in English honors from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA/PhD in Comparative Literature from Cornell University (where Nericcio had a stint as a teaching/research assistant to Carlos Fuentes), Nericcio now works as the Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University--these postings followed a stint as an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut from 1988 to 1991 after his years freezing in Ithaca, New York--it also follows on his years as a bartender in Austin, Texas at the famous Cactus Cafe and defunct Texas Tavern cantinas). He is the author and editor of four books including Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the “Mexican” in America, Homer from Salinas: John Steinbeck's Enduring Voice for California, The Hurt Business: Oliver Mayer's Early Works Plus [+], and Talking #BrownTV: Latinas and Latinos on the Screen (co-authored with Ohio State's own Frederick Luis Aldama). Nericcio, also a curator and artist, has toured with his Circus of Desmadres entitled “Mextasy,” across the United States and Canada.