Pre-College Young Scholars Academic Year Programs

Academic Year Programs

Young Scholars in YSP t-shirts make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Young Scholar Academic Year Programs are designed to assist our scholars academically, socially, and professionally. Each program supports students with graduating from high school and preparing for application, admissions, and transition to higher education.

Monthly Workshops

PCs facilitate monthly cohort workshops by grade level. Scholars engage in group discussion, reflection, academic planning, and college readiness workshops. YSP workshops emphasize community development and CollegeBoard Eight Dimensions of College and Career Readiness.

Pre-College Workshops Themes by grade level

  • 9th Grade: Becoming a Scholar
  • 10th Grade: Wellness, Leadership, and Personal Development
  • 11th Grade: (Career and Professional Development) Who am I? Who do I Want to be?
  • 12th Grade: (Transitioning from high school to college) Preparing for Change

Scholar One-on-One meetings

PCs conduct holistic monthly one-on-one with scholars to provide intensive college advising and address factors impacting students' academic success.

Scholar Reading Series (SRS)

SRS is a YSP initiative to establish program expectations of academic excellence and student achievement from admission through graduation. SRS seeks to combat summer learning loss in literacy among populations with high socio-economic disadvantages and grow scholars' interest by increasing students' motivation and confidence in reading.

9th Grade

Don't Ask Me Where I'm From by Jennifer De Leonn book cover

Don't Ask Me Where I'm From | Jennifer De Leon

10th Grade

Mexican White Boy by Matt de la Peña book cover

Mexican White Boy | Matt de la Peña

11th Grade

American Panda by Gloria Chao book cover

American Panda | Gloria Chao