OIA / ODI Critical Dialogue Series

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OIA / ODI Critical Dialogue Series

The Office of International Affairs and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion have partnered to host a Critical Dialogue Series that brings together ten ODI students and ten international students to join in programming that will deepen student awareness and understanding of critical community/global issues. For the series, Ohio State faculty will lead discussions on topics of local/global importance followed by a field trip to a local community organization or Columbus neighborhood for enhanced exploration, field-based learning and discussion with local leaders and community members.

This Critical Dialogue Series was developed by Dr. James Moore and Grace Johnson, Chief of Staff at ODI, as a result of the overwhelming student response experienced for the OIA/ODI Social Justice trips ODI and OIA organize every October. With more students applying than can be accommodated, it clearly demonstrated the need for more opportunities to bring diverse student groups together for conversation on critical issues. The Critical Dialogue Series is only the beginning of new programming to be developed that can help fill this gap.

This series will not only educate and inform students about the world in which they live but also spark dialogue about the many different cultures that they find in our everyday lives.

For more information, contact Grace Johnson at johnson.136@osu.edu.