Why Support the Alliance?

The Ohio LSAMP Alliance is an excellent catalyst for building an enduring and highly capable STEM workforce in Ohio. The program was developed to inspire a strong academic and community network with one goal: creating a pathway for future innovators and leaders committed to serving their communities.  

We invite you to join our network of visionary leaders to help build a formidable network with a laser focus on this goal. 

National Science Foundation funding for The Ohio LSAMP Alliance provides only stipend support to aid with student retention in STEM majors. Funding for other vital programming, such as the undergraduate research conference and professional development opportunities—activities that will help us more effectively and efficiently deliver results—must be sourced through private support.   

We have developed specific initiatives and programs that the National Science Foundation has deemed crucial to the success of The Ohio LSAMP Alliance that are outlined on the following page. We are poised to successfully implement all of these priorities—but need funding to do so.

Please consider sponsoring one or more strategic priorities of The Ohio LSAMP Alliance. Your support will make a real difference to promising minority STEM students. 

Sponsors will receive:

  • Recognition on The Ohio LSAMP Alliance website and printed materials
  • Invitations to student research conferences and other student events
  • Opportunity to announce internships and job postings for LSAMP Scholars in specialized fields

By collaborating with The Ohio LSAMP Alliance, industry and community partners can ensure that Ohio is a leader in today’s innovation-based, global economy. Together, we will provide tomorrow’s leaders with the high-level knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Thank you for considering opportunities to support The Ohio LSAMP Alliance and the students we serve.

Industry and Community Partner Relations Contact Information

Kimberly Lowe McCalla
Director of Development
Office of Diversity and Inclusion