Meet our 2016-2017 LSAMP Scholars

Geoff Green-Senior 

Hometown: Gahanna, Oh
Major: Neuroscience
Plans after graduation: Neurological Music Therapy Ph.D program


Brian Smudski-Senior
Hometown: West Chester, Ohio
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Plan after graduation: I plan to continue working at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Megan Kirkpatrick-Junior

Hometown: Rayland, Ohio
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Advice to incoming freshman: Do not be afraid to ask for help from past students of a class, your TA, or your professor. Your grades and GPA will thank you for it later! It may be awkward at first, but it will not only help you but will allow you to make great connections.

Neil Ramirez-Senior

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Plans after graduation: Graduate School
I was in an REU at UCLA this summer

Diana Price-Senior
Hometown: Cambridge, Ohio
Major: Microbiology
Plans after graduation: After receiving my Bachelor's degree, I will work as a Microbiologist for a few years before enrolling in Graduate School to obtain my Master's degree in Microbiology. These few years of employment are intended to gain more lab experience while dedicating time for travel. With my MS, my ultimate career goal will be to work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Microbiologist.
Undergraduate Research Experience: As a two-time summer research intern at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, I studied in the lab of Dr. Tamara O'Connor, where we focused on the pathways in which Legionella pneumophila, the causative agent of Legionnaire's Disease, interacts with a host cell during infection. Specifically, our interests lay in characterizing effector proteins secreted by Legionella, such as MavP, in order to understand how the pathogen survives and replicates within a host cell.

Carlos Mendez-Senior
Hometown:Dayton, Ohio
Major:Biomedical Engineering
Plans after Graduation: Graduate school (masters) or full time job 
Undergraduate Research Experience: Last summer, I joined a multidisciplinary team of undergraduate engineering students on a National Science Foundation research grant to better understand the design, production and materials used in the Jaipur Foot prosthetic. As the first group in this three-year project, we characterized around 10 different materials by running ASTM standard tests and analyzed our data in a computer model to better understand the mechanics of the whole foot and what quality improvements could be made. This fulfilling opportunity called on my critical thinking skills to develop methodologies unique to the project and evaluate results, as well as work in a team within a cross-cultural setting that often had limited resources. 

Alexa Prass-Junior

Hometown: Vandalia, Ohio
Major: Biology
Advice to incoming freshman: Obviously school is the most important thing in your life right now, or it should be, but make sure to take time to relax and have some fun. Stressing about school 24/7 is not good for your health and you will burn out so so quickly. You also do not want to look back on your college career and say all I did was schoolwork. College itself is a whole experience and you need to take the time to experience college in a fun and safe way alongside the schoolwork. 

Ahmir Robinson-Sophomore 

Hometown: Bedford, Ohio
Major: Computer Science and Engineering
The difference between my freshmen and sophomore year: the level of comfortability I had on campus. My sophomore year I am more comfortable to interact with people I don't know and to join more organizations and clubs. Navigating the campus, and classes has also gotten easier since I am familiar with how OSU operates. 

Rebecca Woodson-Junior
Hometown: Hilliard, OH
Major: Health Sciences, Pre-Occupational Therapy
Advice to incoming freshman:It is important to appreciate every moment you have at Ohio State because every moment is a memory in the making, football games, office hours with that professor that you can tell cares and any involvement you're able to get into!

MiChaela Barker-Senior
Hometown: East Lansing, MI
Major: Public Health: Environmental Science
Plans after graduation: After completing my fifth year, I plan on attending medical school to become a physician, specifically a dermatologist.

Elijah Williams-Junior
Hometown: Columbus, OH
MajorZoology with a minor in Entomology.
Advice to incoming freshman: One of the most important things to do as an incoming freshman is to look around for internship/undergraduate research opportunities early on. Many professors are looking for students they can keep for a couple years. Also, if you start early, you have time to try out different things instead of rushing to find an open position your senior year.

TJ Gaither-Junior

Hometown: Centerville, OH
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Advice to incoming freshman: "College is a balancing act between different aspects of your life and it is important that you not only attend to them all but ask for help if you need it."

Joy Annorzie-Freshman 

Hometown:Cleveland, OH
MajorActuarial Science
Why I chose Ohio State:  It provides many opportunities and activities to its students. It also offers a wide variety of majors which would be beneficial in the instance in which I would want or need to change my major. I also chose Ohio State because it is such a largely populated school which was also an attractive factor to me since my graduating class consisted of 43 students.

Michaela Jarrell-Junior
Hometown:Roanoke, Va
Major:Health Sciences
I chose to transfer to OSU because: It seemed like the best school to give me a shot and prepare me to obtain my dream of pursing a medical degree.

Leah Davis-Freshman
Hometown: Cleveland, Oh.
Major: Biology
I chose OSU: because I wanted to go to a university where there is always something to do and I can spend my time doing things I love.

Julie Dominguez-Junior 
Hometown: Denver, CO
Major: Food Science and Technology
At Ohio state I have been a part of Alpha Zeta Partners, a leadership program that gave me the opportunity to spend six weeks studying abroad in brazil, and I am on a co-op currently with Campbell's Soup co in NJ, but am living in Philadelphia PA. I will return to campus in January to finish my final three semesters of school--that said, all of my favorite memories at Ohio State are in the Shoe! 

 I have three pieces of advice for incoming freshman.

1. Don't be afraid to try anything. I was a city kid, and I ended up on an ag campus. I've learned so much, but it was terrifying to feel like I was one step down on everything, and like I was playing catch up. However, taking the leap and just going for it changed my experience for the better.

2. USE YOUR COURSE ADVISOR! They want you to succeed! They will help you achieve your goals and tell you whether or not things are possible, and they CAN make your schedule work for you! I took a six week study abroad, and one semester for a co-op and I am still graduating on time, all thanks to my advisor.

3. Go to a football game. If you're only ever going to go to one, go to Michigan--stay on campus for one thanksgiving. Its totally worth it, you'll never forget the experience, even if you aren't into football, and I totally wasn't. Ohio State taught me love football--football didn't make me love Ohio state. And football games, in the cold, rainy, slushy, snowy weather is a bonding experience--you and your friends will NEVER be closer! 

DeMario Webb-Junior 
Hometown: Naperville IL
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Advice for incoming Freshman: Explore new things and get out of your comfort zone because these moments will lead to self discovery

Reggie Woods-Sophomore
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Biology 
The difference between the start of my freshman year and the start my sophomore year: is the amount of support I have from peers and faculty members. Another differences would be how comfortable I am in my classes because I have so many resources to help me succeed.

Karen Santos-Freshman 
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major: Exploration
Why I Chose OSU: not only because of the ability to experience 4 seasons, but because of the variety of opportunities’ I could get involved in. As Ohio State is a school with more that 60,000 students, I often thought about all the different activities that might come about from such a large population. There’s something here for everyone allowing one to be a part of a community within such a large school.

Geoffrey Hollis-Freshman  
Hometown:Versailles, KY  
Major: Exploration 
Why I Chose OSU: The location. The Ohio State University is a quality education that's close to home, but far enough away to feel like a new experience.

Tommy Delgado- Junior 
Hometown: Groveport, OH 
Major:Computer Science & Engineering
Advice to incoming Freshman: Make a weekly schedule, and most importantly STICK TO IT!

Abdulkadir Bashir-Junior Transfer 
Hometown: Columbus, OH 
Major: Biology
Why I Chose OSU: The major I intend to study has a well-developed department here at OSU that’s willing to help in the growth of the aerospace sector. In addition to that, I’ve always wanted to be a buckeye! 

Lizbeth Negron-Irizarry-Sophomore 
Hometown: Dayton, OH 
Major: Biomedical Engineering 
The difference between the start of my Freshmen year and the start of my Sophomore year: The start of my freshman year was all about familiarizing myself with campus and learning to become a cheer leader for myself for starting on a different path than other fellow engineers. Now that I have a years experience I'm more focused on gaining experience in my field through student orgs and research. I've learned self education goes beyond the classroom and starts with initiative.

Dorian Butler-Freshman

Hometown: Macedonia, Ohio
Major: Chemistry
Why I chose OSU: I selected The Ohio State University for undergrad because I felt that it would provide plenty of opportunities that would set me up for success. 

Tevon Martinez-Sophomore 
Hometown: Bowling Green, OH
Major: Aero and Astronautical Engineering
The difference between the start of my Freshmen year and the start of my Sophomore year: was how at home I felt and how proud I was of being a part of many things here at Ohio State. I really felt like I was doing something that I could feel good about. I was no longer nervous about not living up to my own, or others' expectations.

Taylor Moore - Senior
Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland
Major: Microbiology
Minors: Epidemiology and Health, Environmental, Risk and Science Communications (HERSCOMM)
Plans after graduation: I plan to go to graduate school to earn a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology with focuses in infectious diseases and emergency preparedness. 

Raven Edwards-Senior
Hometown: Akron Ohio
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Plans after graduation: I plan on working at FirstEnergy as an Engineer II after graduating in May 2017.

Ale Bliss-Senior
Hometown: Cleveland, OH 
Major: Microbiology
Plans after graduation: 

Ashley Hubbard-Freshman 
Hometown:Akron, OH
Why I chose OSU: Although not my first choice, I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Ohio State. It is the epitome of interdisciplinary education. What sets it apart from other top schools for me is that exploration of multiple interests is not just available to students, it is encouraged through high-ranking programs in all subjects, real work experience, and extensive research opportunities.