Sinclair Community College LSAMP Scholars visit Wright Patterson lab

Students participating in the Sinclair Community College LSAMP program experienced an incredible benefit of the program when they received a tour of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Discovery Lab. This lab is part of Wright Patterson Air Force Base and is dedicated to the development of STEM interns that range from high school to graduate school.  Dr. Robert Williams, the Research Director, and his staff have an extensive history of outreach to STEM students. During the tour LSAMP students interacted with current interns, who presented their team-based projects. The exciting discussion by LSAMP students following the tour was evidence of the impact of the Discovery Lab.

 Sinclair Community College LSAMP Scholars listen to intern talk at Wright Patterson
Sinclair Community College LSAMP students listen to current Discovery Lab interns discuss their projects in progress. The Discovery Lab is affiliated with the Research Laboratory of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This facility offers onsite and offsite (Virtual Discovery Center) research opportunities to undergraduates and high school students. Research and learning internships are available and provide a mentored student-team environment. The team approach facilitates STEM and career development as students acquire skills in risk taking, collaboration, mutual support, self-directed inquiry, and achieving project deadlines.