ODI Tutoring Program Tutee Memorandum of Agreement

ODI Tutoring Program Tutee Memorandum of Agreement

The TMOA outlines guidelines and policies for the ODI Tutoring Program. Read carefully.

Email odi-tutor@osu.edu if you have questions regarding this document.

Requesting Tutor Appointments

Note: The ability to accommodate a tutoring request is based on tutoring offerings, tutor availability, and student demand. A request does not guarantee an appointment.

  1. First, review the Course Offerings Table updated at the start of each semester and posted on the ODI Academic Services - Student Page Carmen page. If a course is not listed but very similar to one that is, you may still submit a request noting this information in the request box. We will schedule an appointment if a tutor can assist, and notify you if no one is able to.
  1. Submit appointment requests 3-5 business days in advance to allow program staff time to schedule, confirm, and prepare for appointments. ODI administrative offices are closed on weekends. Therefore, requests submitted after Tuesday may not be scheduled until the following week. Tutors do not work on university designated holidays, breaks, or during final exams.
  1. Appointment Request Instructions:
    1. Log into OnCourse (www.go.osu.edu/oncourse). On the homepage, click “Schedule Appointment.”
    2. Select “Request Appointment Time” on the right-hand side of the screen.
    3. Select “ODI” as the care unit, select “ODI Tutoring,” select your preferred location, and then select the desired course for tutoring.
    4. Enter ALL of your availability for tutoring. This includes mornings, evenings, between classes, and Sundays. Our office will refer to this availability in trying to schedule your appointment, so the more options you provide, the greater the likelihood of accommodating your request.
      • Hours of Operation: M-Th 9am-9pm, Fr 9am-5pm, & Su 12pm-5pm. No Saturday appointments. Tutor availability varies within these hours.
    5. Confirm and submit your appointment request. A staff member will schedule it within 1-3 business days.
      • You may visit the ODI Academic Services - Student Page Carmen page for a more detailed version of these instructions with screenshots.
  1. Weekly Appointments:
    1. You must complete your first appointment with a tutor before you can request a weekly appointment with them.
    2. To request a weekly appointment, follow the request instructions above, as well as write in “weekly appointment,” your specific tutor, the session day, and time in the request box. If you do not request a weekly appointment within three days of the original appointment, the slot will be made available for others to request.
  2. No Tutor Available/Resubmit: If we are unable to match your request, you will be notified via email.

Scheduled Tutoring Appointments

  1. Students will receive automated confirmations and reminder emails for all scheduled appointments.
  2. Appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes. You may request another one for the same course within the same week, but it will only be scheduled if availability permits.
  3. Sessions can only take place in Hale Hall or via CarmenZoom. Other sites must be approved in advance.
  4. Appointments may feature other student(s) who need tutoring in the same course.
  5. Requests for more than two course subjects in the same week may only be fulfilled if availability permits.

Cancellations, No Shows, and Expectations

  1. Cancellations must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance in OnCourse. Failure to cancel a session 24 hours in advance will result in a “no-show.” A pattern of cancellations may result in termination of tutoring privileges. In the event you must cancel a scheduled session, double-click the appointment on your OnCourse calendar, click the link “Cancel Appointment,” and submit the cancellation.
  2. No-Shows: Participants are expected to attend all scheduled tutoring sessions on time. Failure to attend a session, arriving 15+ minutes late, or cancelling less than 24 hours in advance will result in a no-show. Two no-shows during the semester will result in termination of tutoring privileges for the remainder of the semester. You will receive an email when a no-show has been issued. In special circumstances, students may contest a no-show within 7 days of the issue date.
  1. For in-person sessions, students must sign in and out on the sign-in sheet provided by the tutor. It should reflect the exact start and end times of the tutoring session. Note that fraudulent activity is prohibited and may be forwarded to OSU Police and/or OSU Student Conduct.
  1. The tutee should prepare in advance for appointments with questions or problems to work on with the tutor. They should also bring all appropriate materials, including, but not limited to: pens/pencils textbooks, class notes, and syllabi. Other students cannot join a one-on-one tutoring session without prior approval.
  1. All attendees should refrain from using cell phones unless it is directly related to tutoring.

The Tutor’s Responsibilities

  1. The tutor is not a professor or teaching assistant. Students must continue to regularly attend class while using tutoring services.
  1. The tutor's role is to guide and assist the tutee. This is why it is important for the tutee to come prepared with topic(s) to discuss. The tutor will not complete homework for tutees, as this is considered an infraction against the OSU Academic Misconduct Policy. Additionally, tutors may not have all of the information all of the time.
  1. The tutor should promote an environment conducive for learning. Inform program staff of any issues that arise during related to tutor behavior or knowledge of the subject.

Tutor and Program Evaluation

ODI Tutoring Program staff will observe tutoring sessions for evaluation purposes. Participants will also be asked to complete online evaluations of their tutoring experiences.