ODI Strategic Road Map

ODI Strategic Roadmap

Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence

    Internal insights and opportunities

    1. Organizational focus

    2. Communication and structure

    3. Staff development

    4. Process and procedures

    5. Resources to fund the mission

    External factors and influencer input

    1. Higher education and growing cost

    2. Shifting demographics

    3. Social landscape

    4. Growing inequality

    5. Academic and community leaders, alumni insights

    6. Covid-19 pandemic

    Six Areas of Focus

    Support Students

    • Improve student success by supporting the recruitment, retention, and outcomes of underrepresented students.
    • Foster student success through skill development, a sense of belonging and access to opportunity.
    • Focus on pipeline programs, outreach programs and our signature programs to ensure the recruitment, retention and development of underrepresented students.
    • From well-being to financial support to academic enrichment, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will serve as exemplar to supporting student success.

    Diversify Faculty

    • Develop partnerships and tools to help recruit, retain and build a community of diverse and inclusive faculty.
    • Support academic units in the recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive community of experts.
    • Use collaboration models, educational tools and increase communication to provide pre-hire and post-hire support.
    • In addition, we will encourage community-building through a series of events that support onboarding, training and networking.
    • ODI will continue to contribute to implicit bias training, support faculty research in the field, and advance diversity, equity and inclusion goals in higher education.

    Develop Team

    • Formalize and implement a people plan that increases collaboration, develops employee skills and retains talent.
    • Develop a work culture that enhances efficiency, increases productivity, supports wellness and promotes professional development.
    • To achieve this goal, we will establish a people plan, which includes onboarding, performance management, training, recognition, succession planning and an organizational pattern of administration.
    • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will continue to celebrate individual and team successes in an intentional manner.

    Grow Advancement

    • Leverage resources to expand engagement, strengthen storytelling and cultivate gifts to fund the mission.
    • Increase philanthropic support from alumni, corporations, foundations and partners of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
    • Growth in this arena will be a direct result of improved relationship-building.
    • To achieve success, we will leverage ODI's 50-year history to tell the story of progress and share our vision for the future.
    • We plan to strengthen alumni communication and instill shared ownership in development efforts to increase support for the diversity, equity and inclusion mission.

    Strengthen Operations

    • Strengthen operations and resource stewardship to foster a culture of continuous improvement.
    • Align people and financial resources with the focus areas outlined in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Roadmap.
    • Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency. Incorporate standard operating procedures and fiscal planning.
    • Continue to support programs providing the highest impact.
    • Explore, invest and train in new technologies, both hardware and software, to function effectively in the online and virtual world.

    Champion Leadership

    • Grow diversity, equity and inclusion leaders and be local, regional and national exemplars that serve the community
    • Be a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion leadership. Increase Office of Diversity and Inclusion's thought leadership and advocacy at Ohio State and in higher education.
    • Be a primary resource and a catalyst for DEI innovation.
    • Engage with community leaders and national organizations in diversity and inclusion practices.
    • Build the diversity and inclusion leadership pipeline through training, workshops and mentoring programs.
    • Teach leaders to carry this work forward in the community, across the state and nationwide.