ODI Internal Sponsorships

Internal Events and Activities Sponsorship

“Internal Sponsorships” means financial or in-kind support provided to Ohio State student organizations, departments, colleges, centers, and service units for events and activities that align with the mission and goals of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI).


ODI understands the value of supporting endeavors that advance diversity and inclusion at The Ohio State University. Sponsorship by ODI signals the unit's support for a non-profit activity that aligns with our mission of advocating for diversity and inclusion in higher education and social justice for underserved communities in Ohio.

Sponsorship Criteria

Sponsorship proposals are evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Sponsorship supports ODI's Mission, Strategic Plan, and Marketing and Communication strategic plans.

  • Sponsorship supports ODI's profile as a leader in diversity and inclusion at Ohio State.

  • Proposed event or program is a non-profit activity

  • Sponsorship provides concrete benefits that are of value to ODI.

  • Sponsorship promotes or enhances the relationship between ODI and other organizations that advocate for diversity and inclusion.

  • Sponsorship promotes outreach to university and/or community audiences that will lead to future partnerships or collaborations that will contribute to ODI's mission.

  • Sponsorship provides positive exposure (media coverage and community visibility) for the ODI brand.

  • Availability of funding and resources.

Proposal Submission

In order to request funding, units and groups must submit a comprehensive proposal that includes the following:

  • Description and history of the event or activity to be sponsored including event goals and anticipated outcomes

  • Event/Program budget, including a list of title or other major partners

  • Sponsorship levels available OR amount of funds being requested of ODI

  • Sponsorship benefits (reserved tickets or event seating for ODI staff and students, inclusion in promotional materials, opportunity to serve on the event planning committee, etc.)

  • Demographics of audience for event or activity and expected attendance\

  • Existing contact or connection with ODI, if applicable

  • Date of event and deadline for sponsorship decision

  • Contact name, title, address, phone, e-mail

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will not support:

  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family

  • Political candidates or organizations

Application Process

We make the majority of our sponsorship decisions within the first quarter of the fiscal year. Academic and service units, as well as student organizations are encouraged to submit proposals well in advance of the proposed event.

Please direct submissions to ODI-sponsorships@osu.edu.