ODI embedded therapist

ODI Embedded Therapist

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers mental health support specific to the need of the students we serve. Peter Oduwole, MSE, LPC will serve as the embedded therapist for the office and will be located in Hale Hall on the third floor in room 320. With this embedded position, Peter will extend Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) services to ODI students. Services can include: individual, couples, group counseling, workshops, and outreach.

How to get connected

During the first months of the academic year, most of Peter's work will revolve around connecting with ODI's scholarship programs, student organizations, and staff and faculty initiatives to familiarize the office with his position.

If interested in beginning a therapeutic relationship with Peter, it will best if the student schedules a phone screening to be assessed for services with Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS). During the phone screening, a clinician will assess the student and determine if an urgent appointment is appropriate. Urgent appointments are typically offered within 24-72 hours. Peter could be the clinician facilitating the phone triage but it is not guaranteed (more on phone triages can be found here (https://ccs.osu.edu/schedule-a-phone-screening/).

Keep in mind that Peter is one person and is extending mental health services to all of ODI; he will do his best to accommodate outreach requests as much as his clinical caseload can also be managed in an ethical way.

Tidbits about CCS that extend to the embedded therapist position:

  • CCS services are available to all currently enrolled OSU students (undergraduate, graduate, professional/doctoral)
  • CCS offers daily workshops that provide psychoeducation about different mental health topics and serve as a great way to introduce mental health care options at OSU (https://ccs.osu.edu/drop-in-workshops/)

In situations where a student is in more immediate need to connect with a clinician during business hours of 9 a.m. -5 p.m., we encourage students to reach out to the CCS front desk at 614-292-5766.

After hours, students should call CCS front desk and be connected to ProtoCall, a service of licensed clinicians that triage and assess students after business hours and during the weekends.

Contact Peter Oduwole

Hale Hall 320 | 154 W. 12th Ave. | Columbus, OH 43210