ODI Dialogue and Discussion Series on Diversity:My Culture/Ethnicity Is Not Your Mascot

Protesters protesting use of Washington Redskins logo while counterprotesters point at them

My Culture/Ethnicity Is Not Your Mascot: The Continued Struggle for Respect and True Representation in the World of Sports

March 9, 2021
3-4:00 p.m. EST
via Zoom

This session explores the issue of race-based sports mascots and how professional sports teams have begun to respond to the racial/cultural/ethnic insensitivity expressed towards indigenous peoples in the United States.


Shannon Gonzales-Miller, PhD / Director, Scholarships and Grants, Office of Diversity and Inclusion / Ohio State


Christine Ballengee Morris, PhD / Professor and Director, American Indian Studies / Ohio State

John N. Low, JD, PhD / Associate Professor and Director - Newark Earthworks Center / Ohio State Newark Campus

Prince Moody, MS / Assistant Director, SASSO / Ohio State

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This event will be live captioned.

About the ODI Dialogue and Discussion Series

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Discussion Series on Diversity offers Ohio State faculty, staff and students an opportunity to explore topics impacting diversity on Ohio State's campus. This annual discussion series promotes excellence through diversity while enhancing the educational experience for the Ohio State community.