ODI Bridge Programs

A bridge to success

Introducing pre-collegiate students to a college campus is one way to help them envision themselves as college students, assisting with the transition from high to college. Each year, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) offers Summer Bridge and Early Arrival programs that provide academic preparation, individualized academic advising, and a chance to connect with staff, faculty and other students. Students also have the opportunity to find support academically and socially and to familiarize themselves with the campus and its resources.

In conjunction with continued program support throughout a student's academic career, bridge and early arrival programs have been found to greatly increase the college readiness gap that can exist for incoming first-generation students and those from underrepresented communities.

Here are ODI's many transition programs, tailored to support the culturally and economically diverse students of The Ohio State University.

Bell National Resource Center Early Arrival Program

Designed to give incoming African American males a jump on becoming Buckeyes and their college experience, the BNRC's Early Arrival Program helps students transition to college. To facilitate the transition students arrive on campus the weekend before classes to attend workshops and met Ohio State faculty and staff who are ready to assist them.

Latinx Early Arrival Program

This four-day program for incoming first-year Latinx students helps to strengthen many important aspects vital to uniting the Latinx community. Through community, departmental, and faculty partnerships, students have the opportunity to network with the Latinx community both within Ohio State and Columbus.

LSAMP STEM Bridge Program

LSAMP's Bridge Program is a component of LSAMP programming nationwide using the strategies of academic integration, social integration, and disciplinary socialization that have proven successful in student retention. Through the support and collaboration of academic and support units, this program serves underrepresented minority students and assures their success in STEM. Read more.

MSP Scholars Early Arrival Program

Before the start of autumn classes, Morrill Scholars are given the chance to meet other first year Morrill Scholars and students involved with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion programs as well as ODI staff members. The three-day program is an opportunity to live, study, learn and begin to develop a sense of community and richness and helps the Morrill Scholars transition from high school to college.

Young Scholars Summer Bridge Program

The three-week Summer Bridge Program provides a simulated collegiate experience complete with faculty and staff interaction, course rigor, and study skills management; community development, Peer Leader mentoring, and leadership support; and an introduction to campus resources and student organizations to support student involvement.