Hale Hall Restoration Project

Hale Hall Restoration Project

Beginning in August 2015, be prepared for major changes at Hale Hall as we start much-needed renovations to the building.


  • Historic restoration of the exterior envelope
  • Masonry repairs
  • Waterproofing and roof repairs


  • Restoration of historically significant building
  • Prevent building water damage


  • Construction fencing will be erected around the building and a temporary path will run outside the fence on all but the south side of the building.
  • The path will be covered with a synthetic material that can get slippery in wet and inclement weather. Signage will be erected notifying pedestrians of this.
  • The external building signs and the obelisks at the east entrance will be moved.
  • External scaffolding around Hale Hall will be erected

Note: Main entrances, including the ADA ramp, will remain open. However, at some time during the construction, the east entrance to the building will temporarily be closed.

The renovations will occur from August 2015 through January 2016.