President and Provost’s Lecture: David R. Williams

President and Provost’s Diversity Lecture: David R. Williams

David Williams group shot

David R. Williams, the Florence and Laura Norman Professor of Public Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology at Harvard University, is an internationally-recognized authority on social influences on health. On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, Dr. Williams delivered a talk entitled, “Effectively Addressing Racial Inequities in Health and Society: Challenges and Opportunities.”

David Williams and ODI staff

Touching on the lack of pay and wealth parity between whites and people of color, Dr. Williams commented on the connection between lower levels of education and income and a lower life expectancy, stating, “Race still matters for health” at all levels of education and wealth. He also brought to light how the organized structure of racism has a pervasive, negative influence on health, with discrimination becoming a predictor of increased blood pressure, C - reactive protein, and decreased birth rates and hours of sleep.

This President and Provost's Diversity Lecture Series offers the campus and Columbus community opportunities to benefit from some of the most eminent scholars, artists, and professionals who discuss and exemplify excellence through diversity.

The 19th year of the series will commence on November 15, 2017 with the journalist/author, Richard Rodriguez.