New NBER Working Group on Race and Stratification in the Economy

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New NBER Working Group on Race and Stratification in the Economy

To support and showcase economic research on the causes and consequences of racial disparities in economic outcomes, and to stimulate research on race in all aspects of economic analysis, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) is launching a Working Group on Race and Stratification in the Economy.

Research Associate Trevon Logan, the Hazel C. Youngberg Distinguished Professor of Economics at The Ohio State University, has agreed to serve as the inaugural director.

The group will take a broad approach to the economics of race, considering the factors that contribute to racial differences in income, wealth, housing, educational attainment, labor market outcomes, economic mobility, and a range of other measures. It will explore economic models of discrimination and social stratification, as well as insights on these issues from other social sciences. It will consider the role of public policies and political institutions in contributing to, and ameliorating, racial differences. More broadly, it will encourage new approaches to economic analysis of race in a variety of settings.

The group will meet twice each year, beginning with a virtual meeting in April 2021. These gatherings will bring together researchers from many sub-fields of economics who are studying race in the economy. A call for papers for the first meeting will be circulated in next month.

In addition, NBER has created a post-doctoral fellowship that will support a year of research by an early-career scholar who is a member of a group that has been under-represented historically in the economics profession, or who is studying issues of diversity in our profession.

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