National Student Parent Support Symposium

National Student Parent Support Symposium

This nationally-acclaimed symposium brings together students, community and higher education professionals to discuss best practices, policies, research, program models, and community collaboration when supporting post-secondary parenting students and their families. The focus is on how to empower this unique college population while assisting them with overcoming barriers that may keep them from graduating.


2020 National Student Parent Support Symposium

May 27-29, 2020 | The Blackwell Inn & Pfahl Conference Center

Conference Areas of Emphasis
  • College Program Models for Student Parents

  • Issues Affecting the Academic Success of Student Parents

  • Realistic Needs for Student Parent Academic Success

  • Helping Student Parents Balance Family/School/Work

  • Housing Needs for Student Parents

  • Developing Community Support

  • Collaboration with Community Resources

  • Means to solicit funds or resources from national, state or private foundations

Who Attends

Higher Education/Academic Leaders

  • Directors of Housing

  • Coordinators/Directors of Student-Parent Organizations and Programs

  • Student Affairs Officers

  • Multicultural Affairs Officers

  • Support Services Directors

  • Academic Researchers

  • Education Association Representatives

  • High School Educators

  • Other Higher Education Representatives

Government Leaders

  • Representatives of Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

Community Leaders

  • Advocates for Women's Rights

  • Program Representatives for Low Income Families

Social Science Leaders

  • Social Workers

  • Nurses

  • Counselors