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Featured Pre-Conference Diversity Trainers

The NCDRL Pre-Conference Diversity Training Sessions are led by some of the top experts, educators, trainers, and leaders in their respective fields who have focused their research and professional careers on the understanding and development of best practices in the realms of diversity, equity and inclusion. Each registrant for the training will receive a certificate denoting their participation in and successful completion of Diversity Training for the day.

Ritu Bhasin, LLB, MBA

bhasin consulting inc.

Author of:
The Authenticity Principle: Resist Conformity, Embrace Differences, and
Transform How You Live, Work, and Lead

Training Session Title:
To Form a More Perfect Union: Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice

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Margaret A. HagermanMargaret A. Hagerman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Faculty Affiliate for African American Studies and Gender Studies Programs
Mississippi State University

Author of:
White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America

Training Session Title:
Strategies for Approaching Privilege and Whiteness to Lessen Impact on Continued Racial Divide

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Nicholas HartlepNicholas D. Hartlep, PhD

Associate Professor of Urban Education
Chair of Early Childhood and Elementary Education Department
Graduate Program Coordinator
School of Urban Education
Metropolitan State University

Author of:
What Makes a Star Teacher: 7 Dispositions that Support Student Learning

Training Session Title:
Reforming Education to Truly Value Diversity & Social Justice: Implications for Asian American Students & Other Students of Color

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John IgwebuikeJohn G. Igwebuike, PhD, JD

Interim Provost
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Alcorn State University

Training Session Title:
The Urgency of Business Ethics/Our Legal Responsibility: The (Short & Long-range) Impact on Underserved Communities

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Ebony O. McGeeEbony O. McGee, PhD

Associate Professor of Diversity and STEM Education
Associate Professor of Medicine, Health, and Society
Department of Teaching and Learning
Peabody College
Vanderbilt University

Training Session Title:
Retaining and Grooming Success Among Diverse STEM Students: Changing the Academy,
Enriching the Corporate Arena

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Hannah SimonettiHannah Simonetti

Open Doors / BART Program Specialist, Multicultural Center
The Ohio State University

Training Session Title:
Pop Culture Hooks: Introduction to an Innovative Diversity & Social Justice Training Model

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