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Newsletter                                                                                                       April 2016
Coordinator Corner

Stephanie Clemons Thompson Hello, and thank you so much for reading this issue of the Morrill Scholars Program newsletter, which showcases the accomplishments of our MSP Scholars in this program. We have chosen to focus on neuroscience this month, given that it is the largest major among our Scholars. It is no surprise that this up-and-coming field has attracted the hearts and minds of these diversity leaders, as their future career plans include being among the top innovators who will cure our society's most debilitating diseases. It is exciting to watch them connect with faculty, leading researchers and practitioners, as well as to each other to form lasting bonds for future progress.


As the coordinator for this scholarship program, it is important to me that our students connect their diversity, inclusion, and social justice passions with their engagement on the Ohio State campus. If you wish to support these efforts, please consider clicking the button to donate below.


I hope you enjoy this issue. Please keep an eye out for future events.


Take care!


Stephanie Clemons Thompson

Coordinator for Academic Enrichment Initiatives

Marshall Troxell

First Things First: The Importance of Primary Care
Second-year Morrill Scholar Marshall Troxell sat reviewing his notes and waiting for his turn to present his MSP Talk. As he looked around, he began to reflect on why: why he spent weeks of long hours and soul-searching to create this talk, why he was about to be completely vulnerable in front of a room full of strangers. Read more on First Things First.

Stephanie Wetzel

Diversity is what makes life so beautiful
As Stephanie Wetzel, a second year Neuroscience major took the stage, she began her talk by posing a question to the audience, "Why did you come here today?" The answer was that every single person in the audience would have different answers to this question because we all have differing experiences. Read more on Diversity.

Yusef Saeed

The Golden Rule
Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. This statement, coined as the Golden Rule, is one that Yusef Saeed, second-year Morrill Scholar majoring in neuroscience, points out can be found across several religions and cultures. Saeed highlighted this simple rule as the one that has the potential to unite the masses if applied to their everyday lives. Read more on the Golden Rule.