Gaining knowledge
through experience

Tomara Dorsey sitting on steps in London, EnglandThis May, Morrill Scholar Tomara Dorsey participated in the Global May Great Britain Education Abroad program. For four weeks, Tomara took a class at Arcadia University on the culture, history, and politics of London. “I was able to study the city of London inside and outside of the classroom. I learned that I want to dedicate more of my life and education to experiencing more cultures and communities that are different than my own.”

Tomara loved traveling and doing new things while in Great Britain. While there, she visited museums, art galleries, and theater performances, something she says she would not have done as much of had she not traveled to London, providing her with experiences that gave her more interest in seeing live performances and trying to understand modern art.

Her education abroad experience had a profound effect on Tomara: “There is beauty in all things if one is open to change. I feel so positively moved by this experience abroad that I am encouraging everyone I know to study abroad. I want my family members, some who may not even have a college diploma to study abroad. Sometimes you can learn the truth of society and history through experience versus reading a text book. I feel stronger in my knowledge of the city of London and its contribution to the history of the world. I love the city, this opportunity, and the people who took part in it with me.”

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