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MSP students during spring break at food warehouse


MSP Teams

First year Morrill Scholars, in addition to the GPA requirement, are required to join one of the MSP Teams. Each team will focus on a specific area of the student experience. The purpose of the teams is to create an interactive and engaged experience for first year scholars!

While each team will have a unique approach to student development, they will all be anchored in diversity, social justice, and academic success. Morrill Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in various teams but will be responsible for participating in their assigned team.

The teams are as follows:

  • Leadership Development
  • Holistic Well-being
  • Creative Expression and Communications
  • Community Service
  • Recruitment and Looking Forward
  • Diversity and Social Justice
  • Academic Advancement

Detailed descriptions of each team and information on how to select teams will be emailed to incoming Morrill Scholars prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Signature Events

Morrill Scholars Early Arrival Program

The Morrill Scholars Early Arrival Program (MSEAP) is designed to introduce incoming Morrill Scholars to The Ohio State University campus and greater Columbus community.  

Morrill Scholars Program Learning Community

The Morrill Scholars Program Learning Community (MSPLC) prepares Scholars to become diversity leaders and advocates through scholarship and active engagement with social justice work on local and national levels.

Organizations and Committees


The Morrill Scholars Early Arrival Program (MSEAP) helps incoming Morrill Scholars who are not from Columbus get acclimated with Ohio State’s campus and the city of Columbus as well as providing the opportunity to meet other ODI Scholars before the rest of the first-year students come to campus.  

 MSP Student Leaders

The Morrill Scholars Student leaders work together on a team of ten other upperclassmen to mentor and support incoming Morrill Scholars through their first year. The student leader role is a professional development opportunity where scholars will gain leadership skills, learn programming technique, and network with other scholars.

Morrill Scholars Communications Team

The Morrill Scholars Program Communications Team is an opportunity for Morrill Scholars to get involved in various ways by promoting and discussing diversity at Ohio State. This Communication Team will be composed of three units: social media, newsletter, and video.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Undergraduate Recruitment Society (OURS)

OURS brings current Scholars together to reach out to prospective students and helping them to navigate the pathway to college. Members of this committee engage in pen pal initiatives with elementary and middle school students and also provide tours and sit on panels for groups visiting our campus.

Academic Enrichment


Each semester, ODI staff teach MSP-specific sections of leadership courses offered through the College of Education and Human Ecology that are designed to help Morrill Scholars explore various social issues in a supportive environment with other Morrill Scholars to facilitate dialogue and build relationships.