Morrill Scholars shine

Morrill Scholars shine!

Here are just a few of the honors, awards, and accomplishments of our Morrill Scholars over the past year.

MiChaela Barker co-founded Say Hi, a student organization devoted to bridging the gap between minority communities and organizations.

Raina Rotondo volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, the Mid-West Ohio Food Bank, with special needs student programs, and serves as an Ohio State Welcome Leader (OWL).

Nabeel Alauddin, Affan Bhutta and Ameena Alauddin founded a non-profit called Kibo (“hope” in Japanese), which creates economic opportunities for underserved communities.

James Li is the founder/CEO/President of The Ethical Endeavor: An Undergraduate Journal Considering the Ethical Implications of Scientific Advancement and Social Progression.

Juli Sasaki the founder/President of The Visible Invisible, which is an Ohio State student organization that aims to spread awareness about and empower homeless youth via the arts.

Erin Myers and Michael Inman were two of six students who received the 2017 MLK Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to remarkable undergraduates who have provided leadership and service to the university community.

Kusha Ansari is the founder/President of the Iranian Cultural Association at Ohio State.

Ilhan Dahir was Ohio State's 6thRhodes Scholar (2016) and a Fullbright Scholar(2015).

Bushra Ismail co-founded the Humanities and Cognitive Sciences Summer Institute at Ohio State.

Henry Tran was both a Goldwater Scholar (2015) and a Churchill Scholar (2016).

Michael Inman was recognized as the Ohio State 2016-2017 Homecoming King.

Shelby Newsad was a Fullbright semi-finalist (2016).

Matthew Steffan founded Steffan Solutions, LLC, a one-stop shop for all business consulting needs.

Armond Wimberly conducted the Columbus Chamber Strings Youth Orchestra at the Ohio Music Education Association annual conference in Cleveland Ohio on February 2, 2017.

Brian Kulp is the founder/President of the STEM Pre-Law Society (SPLS) and will be attending Harvard Law in fall 2017.

Cyan Blackwell serves as a committee member for the Ohio Attorney General's Student Loan Debt Advisory Group.

Neway Araya mentored and tutored orphans in Ethiopia.

Mark Reese is President of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, Ohio State Chapter and also was awarded the Hillsdale Collegiate Aviator Award(2015) as well as the First Year Collegiate Aviator Award (2014).

Rhea Malhotra is President of UNICEF at Ohio State.

Brittany Pike is President of Nursing Students Promoting Initiatives to Reinforce Equality.

Abderrahmane Amor served as a Legislative Intern in the Office of Congressman Dan Kildee in Washington, DC.