Morrill Scholars Communications Team

Three Morrill Scholars taking a selfie

Morrill Scholars Communications Team

The Morrill Scholars Program Communications Team (MSCT) is an opportunity for Morrill Scholars to get involved in various ways in promoting and informing the community about diversity at Ohio State. This Communication Team will be composed of three units: social media, newsletter, and photos and video. Each unit has unique responsibilities that will serve as great resume builders.

Social Media

  • Create daily content that is posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Grow a community of followers in order to reach more Morrill Scholars
  • Expand onto different platforms of social media


  • Write, edit, and submit feature stories, news articles, or editorials to be published monthly
  • Recap major highlights by interviewing Scholars about the impact of programs
  • Showcase Scholars who have influenced the Ohio State community through their engagement with social justice and diversity work (i.e., research, leadership, service, etc.)

Photos & Video

  • Document MSP events by capturing videos and encouraging ODI ambassadorship
  • Interview Morrill Scholars to promote diversity leadership
  • Edit and publish YouTube videos to help Scholars immerse themselves into the MSP community

If you are interested in being a part of this team, please contact

Students are allowed to participate in multiple units.