A message to our BNRC Scholars

A message to our BNRC Scholars

Dear BNRC Scholars:

Warmest greetings! These are painful and emotional times that we are all currently living in and will continue to navigate in the weeks ahead. Our nation is truly being shaken to its core by righteous protests over issues of police brutality and misconduct related to the death of George Floyd and countless others.

While America wakes up to the realities that we live with every day as Black men, I hope you are finding a way to process your emotions and contribute to this call for greater justice whenever and however you feel is best. While the public is focused on these issues of police misconduct that have long haunted the lives of Black boys and men, we must find a way to transform these passionate protests into new policy and practices that include Black males and equal participant in all sectors of American life.

The Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male is dedicated to addressing critical issues in society that impact the lives of African American males in education and beyond. These recent events only strengthen our resolve and heighten the importance of the work we do every day to address racial injustices and inequities. When we say “iron sharpens iron” it means that when we work together, we are all stronger. Let us work to heal our pain by seizing this momentum to begin to make the changes that we want to see our in our society.

Thank you for walking with us as we use all of our talents to push for greater societal progress, and please always keep making excellence a priority.


James L. Moore III, PhD
Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
Executive Director, Bell National Resource Center
Distinguished Professor of Urban Education, College of Education and Human Ecology