Meet some of our Autumn 2024 incoming ODI Scholars

Welcome ODI Scholars!

Meet some of our Autumn 2024 incoming ODI Scholars

The Ohio State University has long attracted some of the country's most brilliant minds and passionate leaders—a function of its world-class academics, unlimited opportunities, and commitment to inclusive excellence.

As one of the oldest offices of its kind in the nation, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is proud to champion this university value, inviting bright young students with vast potential. The support ODI provides its scholars—including tutoring, mentorship, and embedded mental health services—appeals to high achievers, budding community activists, and emerging leaders.

Read on to learn more about some of the talented ODI Scholars who will become Buckeyes this fall, as well as the role ODI is playing in their Ohio State journeys.

Miciah Yin is an incoming Autumn 2024 James L. Moore III (JLM) Scholar from Columbus, Ohio. A graduate of Pickerington North High School, Yin attended Columbus State Community College for two years through the Weiler Scholars Program. She is now transferring to Ohio State as a third-year biology major.

“I was drawn to Ohio State because it's close to my family, so I can commute. Also, the university has a great biology department. I toured a few of the labs, and I was just blown away,” Yin said. “I love all the resources and opportunities that are available to students.”

Among those resources is the JLM Program, which assists Columbus State students as they become Buckeyes. Yin was attracted to the program after learning about it at Columbus State Community College.

“When the students were presenting, they told me about all the ways JLM helped them navigate transferring. Columbus State is pretty small and easy to navigate, whereas Ohio State is very big and very different,” Yin explained. “I want to meet academically-minded students and to be around people who will help me and guide me. I'm very excited to find that community in JLM.”

Darius Olayiwola is an incoming Autumn 2024 Morrill Scholar and engineering major. Originally from California, Olayiwola moved to Columbus in eighth grade and attended New Albany High School, where he was a member of the Black Student Association, National Honor Society, NAACP, and the varsity track and basketball teams.

Darius Olayiwola in a New Albany letter jacketOlayiwola hails from a family of Morrill Scholars, including his mother and maternal aunts and uncles. (His mother, J. Nwando Olayiwola, is a family doctor who was inducted this year into the ODI Hall of Fame.) His grandparents also attended Ohio State on other scholarships. However, participating in high school engineering programs at MIT and Georgia Tech led Darius to favor other elite universities during the college application process—until the MSP finalist weekend brought him home.

“Just talking to the students who were in MSP and hearing their side, and talking to some of the advisors and hearing all the benefits the program has—that was when I made the decision,” Olayiwola said. “After hearing all the perks and support that come with being a Morrill Scholar, I felt like it was the right place for me.”

He looks forward to capitalizing on the university's countless opportunities. “I'm going in with an open mind,” Olayiwola noted. “I'm going to participate in everything, meet as many people as I can, and take full advantage of everything Ohio State offers me.”

Patience Ogundare in a white sleeveless dressPatience Ogundare is an incoming Autumn 2024 Young Scholar from Columbus. The valedictorian of Northland High School, Ogundare was a member of the National Honor Society, Nationwide Hospital Youth Advisory Council, and Co-President of Northland STEM Club.

Ogundare looks forward to connecting with first-generation students from across the state through the Young Scholars Program. “Being in YSP means having support and seeing other students who are just like me,” Ogundare commented. “It's been really amazing to see how welcoming people are.”

Interested in medicine from a young age, Ogundare plans to major in health sciences on the pre-med track with hopes of becoming a doctor.

“I want to really focus on growing my confidence and coming out of my shell. Through high school, I was able to do different leadership opportunities so I could be more confident and learn to speak out,” Ogundare said. “But I want to further develop that at Ohio State by joining leadership clubs. That way, I can not only help the people at Ohio State, but also those in my community.”

Line Christine (Chris) Maliedje Feutseu in a yellow sweaterLine Christine (Chris) Maliedje Feutseu is an incoming Autumn 2024 Young Scholar who plans to major in finance on the pre-law track. Originally from Cameroon in Central Africa, Maliedje Feutseu immigrated to Columbus at age eleven, attending Columbus North International School.

As a high schooler, Maliedje Feutseu participated in student council, National Honor Society, and varsity softball, but she hopes her time as a Buckeye will help her find a focus for her law career.

“During high school, I enjoyed a lot of different activities, and I know I like working with people and helping people,” Maliedje Feutseu said. “During my time at Ohio State, I want to focus in on what I'm really passionate about.”

She looks forward to becoming more independent and forming new connections at Ohio State, aspects of the Buckeye experience she learned about through the Young Scholars Program. “The reason I landed on being a Buckeye is because of Miss Teneeyah, my YSP coordinator,” Maliedje Feutseu stated. “She talked about Ohio State in a way that made me think, ‘This is the place for me.'”

Gianna (GiGi) Henley in a light brown sweaterGianna (GiGi) Henley is an incoming Autumn 2024 Morill Scholar from the Philadelphia suburbs. An avid dancer from the age of five, Henley used her artistic talents to serve others by organizing a dancewear donation drive for dancers in Guatemala.

As a future dance and film studies double major at Ohio State, Henley hopes the Morrill Scholars Program will give her the skills and resources to continue paying forward by combining her artistic passion with service.

“I'm most excited about meeting new students and having the opportunity to come up with new ideas. I think MSP opens up a lot of resources to their students, and I think it will be cool to use the program to create something even bigger,” Henley said. “I love helping my community and spreading awareness, so I'm excited about that.”

Outside of the classroom, Henley looks forward to engaging with Buckeye athletics, especially football. “My family is a big football family. My brother has played football his whole life, so I've grown up going to his games every single weekend,” Henley noted. “I'm excited to be in an even bigger football atmosphere. I know Ohio State's football games are huge and wild, so I'm excited just to be there and experience it.”

Jovany Martinez in a dark navy shirtJovany Martinez is an incoming Autumn 2024 Young Scholar from Columbus, Ohio. A lifelong animal lover, Martinez plans to study zoology and is especially interested in wildlife rehabilitation.

A captain of Centennial High School's varsity soccer team for the past two years, Martinez grew up frequently visiting The Ohio State University's campus. “I've been connected to Ohio State my whole life. I would go to Ohio State a lot with my friends just to hang out, walk around, and play pickup soccer.”

Thanks to guidance from the Young Scholars Program, Martinez looks forward to following in his older sister's footsteps as a Buckeye.

“Young Scholars has been really helpful. They've been with me since eighth grade, and they've taught me about life at Ohio State, what I needed to do to get prepared for college, the application process, and the financial process,” Martinez said. “They've been really helpful through this experience.”