LSAMP Awards Gala Honors Scholars

LSAMP Awards Gala Honors Scholars

LSAMP Scholars and industry, community, and university members came together on April 14, 2015 at the LSAMP Awards Gala to celebrate and honor the Scholars for their academic achievement, research, leadership, and service to community,

Five students presented their research:

Nia Caldwell
Sophomore in Health Sciences Program
“TEP Proposal”
Dr. Eric Johnson (Advisor)

Geoff Green
Sophomore in Electrical and Computer Engineering
“Optimizing the LaserWriter for Device Fabrication”
Dr. Roland Kawakami (Advisor)

Daniel Moussa
Junior in Biomedical Science
“Traumatic Brain Injury “
Dr. Jonathan Godbout (Advisor)

Jennifer Patritti Cram
Junior in Neuroscience
“Identification and characterization of the novel tumor suppressor gene gon-14 in C.briggsae Muv mutants”
Dr. Helen Chamberlin, PhD (Advisor)

Jose Polanc
Sophomore in Neuroscience
“Behavioral Neuroscience, Cancer and Mice”
Dr. Jeremy Borniger (Advisor)

Our sincere thanks to Battelle, Honda of America, and Kroger for providing funding to LSAMP that allows us to provide events such as this Awards Gala.