LIWOC Program Description, Eligibility, and Application

LIWOC Program Description and Eligibility

LIWOC supports students in applying their knowledge and personal strengths as leaders. By fostering leadership at a pivotal early stage in women's academic and professional careers, LIWOC aims to enhance the pipeline of visionary women of color - and those who support women of color - prepared to be change agents.

The program is based on a cohort model that invites selected participants into a yearlong, intensive learning experience. Participants meet monthly for discussions and activities. The typical cohort will include up to 40 undergraduate students and 30 graduate or professional students. (Contingent on public health recommendations, LIWOC sessions plan to meet in-person, with occasional sessions planned as entirely remote. However, the program can proceed virtually if needed.)

Features of the Program

  • Cross-disciplinary discussions with Ohio State students and scholars
  • Seminars and workshops on leadership skills such as team-building, time management, problem solving, and financial literacy
  • Interviews with Columbus area business owners and social leaders
  • Off-site weekend retreat to build social and professional connections
  • 360 Leadership Assessment

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate confident and engaging public speaking skills in informal, formal, and interview settings
  • Gain self-awareness about their personal and professional strengths and areas for growth as a leader
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging at the university and in their chosen communities
  • Identify a range of leadership styles and adapt their unique style
  • Practice skills of time management and organization
  • Express appreciation for diverse identities and understand the influence of their own intersectional identities
  • Envision multiple career paths to personally define their own success

Student Benefits

  • Membership in a like-minded community
  • Networking opportunities
  • Priority access to mentorship from corporate and industry partners
  • LIWOC program swag and gifts
  • Discounted registration for the annual spring off-site retreat
  • Priority access to other campus and community events (such as YWCA Women of Achievement Luncheon, Women of Inspiration Summit Experience, Faculty Women of Color in the Academy)

Success in the Program

Success for Students

  • Students must complete 80% of activities to successfully complete the program or continue participation for a subsequent year
  • Students will complete the following final products or “deliverables”:
    • Diversity statement (which can serve the student well for advanced degree admissions and job applications)
    • Leadership philosophy statement
    • Resume/CV
    • Sample cover letter
    • Career map for next five years; including goals for next year

Assessment of the Program

  • 90% retention rate of participants throughout the program
  • Baseline leadership curriculum that can be replicated and revised yearly
  • Positive mid-term and end-of-year evaluation of program (including group evaluations of speakers and events)


LIWOC-Undergraduate: The program is open to undergraduate Columbus campus students with second-year status or 24 credits who seek to support the mission of LIWOC.

LIWOC-Professional/Graduate: The program is open to Ohio State students who are in good academic standing in MA/MS, PhD, MFA, JD, MD programs who seek to support the mission of LIWOC.