LIWOC Application

LIWOC Application Process

Students selected for the program should demonstrate an interest in making leadership contributions through their extracurricular activities, classroom teaching, mentoring, community service and/or activism. The application process includes:

  1. Online application, which includes a brief 500-word statement of interest based on the following questions. Your response should be limited to 500 words.

How would you describe yourself as a leader? Reflect on a situation at school, work, or in another area of your life in which you've been a leader. Be sure to highlight the values or behaviors you demonstrated and the outcome of your efforts.

  1. CV or resume, including academic, professional, community and extracurricular activities.
  2. Contact information for a professional reference (e.g., professor, supervisor, mentor, employer, student organization advisor) who is a non-relative. List the reference's name, title, phone number, and email address. Formal letters of recommendation are not required.

Deadline to apply was October 8, 2021.