LASER & Cardinal Health
Summer Internship Program

coffee mug with the word "begin" on it sitting on a table

The LASER & Cardinal Health Summer Internship Program will select two LASER Undergraduate Mentors to learn from professionals at Cardinal Health in human resources and STEM careers. This is a component of their LASER mentoring activity.

The LASER & Cardinal Health Summer Internship Program is the result of years of collaborating together on LASER’s Latinx Role Models Day (LRMD). It is a way of materializing the goals of LASER’s LRMD.

In addition to providing summer support for the LASER & Cardinal Health Summer Internship Program, Cardinal and LASER seek to provide additional support through the purchase of one laptop for each of the two interns.

As an additional component to the LASER Mentoring program, the LASER & Cardinal Health Interns will:

  • Gain hands-on experience to prepare for a career in a Fortune 500 company

  • Interact with other Cardinal Health professionals, business partners, customers and vendors, making meaningful contributions to real-world projects

  • Participate in a formalized program, increasing their knowledge of Cardinal Health and the healthcare industry

  • Develop essential leadership skills

  • Assume large responsibilities through meaningful work and challenging projects and present findings to leadership at the completion of the internship

  • Embrace the importance of giving back to local communities by participating in community service events with fellow interns and other employees across the country.

  • Engage in teambuilding activities

  • Connect with the CEO and other executives

  • Receive career advice and feedback one-on-one from mentors and intern advisor

  • Attend career development and educational workshops

For more information, contact Dr. Frederick Aldama at