SÕL-CON Schedule 2018

SÓL-CON logoThursday, September 27

SÕL-CON & Cover to Cover Books
BOOK SIGNING: I Am Alfonso Jones
John Jennings, Damian Duffy, Stacey Robinson
2116 Arlington Ave

“Uncaged: Hero for Hire”
John Jennings, Stacey Robinson, & Ricardo Padilla
Ohio State Campus
MLK Jr Lounge | Hale Hall | 154 W. 12th Ave.

Ohio State Campus
MLK Jr Lounge |  Hale Hall | 154 W. 12th Ave.

Friday, September 28

SÕL-CON Expo | Workshops | Panels
Ohio State Campus
Hale Hall | 154 W. 12th Ave.

Frederick Aldama, Ricardo Padilla, & John Jennings
MLK Jr Lounge

Youth Workshops: I & II & III
9:30-10:30AM | Hale Hall
Room 110 B Tim Fielder: Digital Painting and Comics
Room 110 A Jiba Anderson & : Flip Books
Room 101 (Hall of Fame) Rodrigo Vargas & Fernando de Peña: Build Your Own Comic

Youth Workshops: IV & V & VI
10:45-11:45 | Hale Hall
Room 201 (Second Floor) Kat Fajardo & Crystal Gonzalez: Making Comics
Room 110A Rafael Rosado: DIY Animation
Room 110B Eric Garcia: Cartooning with a Bite
Room 101 (Hall of Fame) Breena Nuñez & Lawrence Lindell: How to Make a Zine

Lunch & Screening: Latinx Superheroes & Mainstream Comics

Talk Back: Brown & Black Creator Lives Matter
Roberta Gregory, Darrin Bell, Ricardo Padilla, John Jennings, Tim Fielder, Stacey Robinson, David Walker, Kat Fajardo
Noon-1PM | MLK Jr Lounge

Youth Workshops: VII & VIII
1-2PM Hale Hall
110 B J-Gonzo & Dave Ortega: Finding your Style and Voice in Comics
110 A David Walker & Chris Escobar: Creating Superhero Comics

Youth Workshops: IV& X
2PM-3PM | Hale Hall
110 B JM Hunter & Uko Smith:
110 A Amber Padilla & Roberta Gregory

Afrofuturism SPPO Colloquim
Tim Fielder
2:20-3:40PM | 255 Hagerty Hall

Youth Workshops: X & XI
3PM-4PM | Hale Hall
110 B Breena Nuñez & Lawrence Lindell
110 A Dustin Garcia & Jaime Crespo

Saturday & Sunday, September 29 & 30

SÕL-CON Artists Exhibiting at CXC
Main Library Downtown Columbus Second Floor
Saturday: 11AM-6PM
Sunday: Noon-5PM

SÕL-CON Panels at CXC

SÕL-CON Panels put front and center issues, obstacles, and progressive visions in the ongoing struggle to clear transformative creative spaces by and for creators and readers of color.

Saturday 1PM-1:50PM | Comics of Color Matter
Jiba Anderson; Jaime Crespo; Iasmin Omar Ata; Theresa Rojas; Corey “Roc Bottom” Davis. Panelists will discuss histories of exclusions as well as struggles and triumphs in clearing spaces for audiences of color.

Saturday 3:30PM-4:20PM | Art, Inspiration, and Professional Practice
Jason “Gonzo” González; Terreece Clarke; Breena Nuñez; Roberta Gregory; Damian Duffy. Panelists will share their approach to comic book art as well as everyday practices.

Sunday 1:30PM-2:20PM | Diversity in Comics and the Anxiety of Arriving
David Walker; John Jennings; Kat Fajardo; Constanza Yovaniniz; Dustin García. Panelists will share candid thoughts, feelings, and experiences with international and national mainstream recognitions.

Sunday 2:30PM | Comics of Color for Youth
Terreece Clarke; Jason “Gonzo” González; Frederick Luis Aldama; Lawrence Lindell. Panelists will discuss challenges and triumphs of creating comics and illustrated stories for children, tweens, and teens of color.

Sunday 3:30PM-4:20PM | Fear of a Brown Planet
Afro & Latinx Futurism: Fernando de la Peña, Rodrigo Vargas; Frederick Aldama; Tanna Tucker;  Zeke Peña. Panelists will discuss the challenges, joys, and significance of creating and publishing comics that imagine brown peoples in the future.