LASER High School
Mentor Hubs

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The LASER Mentor Program serves as a nucleus for regional LASER High School Mentor Hubs. We provide the infrastructure for establishing total mentor systems for Latino students from 9th grade through undergraduate and graduate schools across the state of Ohio. This includes participation in our rigorous two-step LASER Undergraduate Mentor training, use of our LASER Mentor application database and mentor-mentee matching system and other support. Our goal is for each LASER Hub to succeed.

LASER Hub Coordinators 2017-2018

LASER Hub Beechcroft
6100 Beechcroft Rd, Columbus, OH 43229
Mondays 10:45 AM-11:30 AM
Stacey Alex:
Laura Fenandez:

LASER Hub Briggs
2555 Briggs Rd, Columbus, OH 43223
Thursdays 2:30-3:30PM
Marco Corchado:
Saidah Isoke:
Josh Truett: 

LASER Hub Centennial
1441 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
Thursdays: 11:30-12 PM
Bonnie Opliger:
Cristina Rivera:
Mark Hoff:

LASER Hub Columbus Global Academy
4077 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH 43224
Mondays: 11:55-12:45 PM
Yuri Arteaga:
Mike Lopez: 

LASER Hub DeSales 
St. Francis DeSales 4212 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH 43224
Wednesdays: 3:15-4:30 PM
Sarah Little:
Meghan F. Dabkowski:

LASER Hub Southwestern Career Academy
4750 Big Run South Road Grove City
Wednesdays: 10:45-11:30 AND 11:30-12:20 PM
Marlene Perez:
Nicole Reinhold-Larsson:

LASER Hub Hamilton Township High School 
Thursdays: 8-9 AM
Julia Garbuz:
Angely Herrera:

LASER Hub Worthington
Contact: Amanda Miller:
Thursdays: 10:18 AM
Jacinta Yanders:
Ayendy Bonifacio:

LASER Hub Independence
5175 Refugee Rd, Columbus, OH 43232
Day/Times: TBA
Marie Lerma: