Mentoring Program

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LASER mentors serve as academic role models as well as bridge builders between Latinos in high school and Ohio State and our LASER partnership campuses, Otterbein and Ohio Wesleyan University. They also serve as academic role models for graduate and professional students and Latino undergraduates mentees.

LASER mentors focus specifically on guiding high school mentees step by step through the college application process. This includes intensive exam preparation as well as guidance in writing the entrance essay and other aspects of the application process both at the undergraduate and graduate levels of schooling.

  • Getting Ready: LASER Mentors prepare mentees for successful entrance to college and graduate and professional school. They work with mentees on preparing for success at the higher education levels.
  • Getting Connected: LASER Mentors guide and coach mentees in extracurricular activities that will help with successful entrance to college and graduate and professional schools.
  • Getting to the Finish Line: LASER Mentors help mentees prepare applications for college and graduate and professional schools, working on timelines, writing samples, statements of purpose, and gathering of letters of recommendation.

The goal: to expand the presence of Latinos in higher education as well as to enrich the undergraduate research experience at in college and to professionalize students for successful application to advanced professional and graduate school programs.

What Mentors are saying about the experience

Mentor Carlos Mendez says of The Latino Buckeye Dinner:
“It brought together a very diverse crowd from all walks of life. Professors, college students, high school students, parents and supporters bound by the common vision of a future where education is accessible to all, students are valued, and cultural identity is proudly expressed. That vision is manifested through programs like LASER, a space for enrichment, research and fostering valuable mentoring relationships that leave an impact.

For me, LASER is more than just helping disadvantaged high school students get to college, it's a place where students can be real about their failures, frustrations, and victories as we strive toward our shared vision.”

LASER High School Scholar & Mentee, Carlos Hernandez, says of his experience with LASER and his Mentor, Carlos Mendez:
“I have been able to do so many things while being a LASER Scholar. I have been able to attend study workshops that have helped me on test-taking skills and how to become a better student. This and much more has definitely helped me with moving my grades up. Also, I was able to visit colleges with the help of LASER.

LASER matters because it has helped many students in many ways, providing us with information that we wouldn't know without LASER, including scholarships information and ways to help us academically. I'm proud of being a LASER scholar and being able to acquire all the academic mentoring they provide.”

LASER Mentor Jasmine Morel states:
“Being a LASER mentor is probably one of the best opportunities on campus. The advantage of helping out other students and being a mentor for another student is great as they learn and have the advantage to further their education and get into college. It is also a great way to network with other students on campus and get involved with theOhio State community.”

Other Testimonials

LASER Mother Beatriz Perdomo
“Mi hija fue acceptada en osu. Que sigan con este buen trabajo muchas gracias.” (Her daughter was given a Morrill Scholarship.)

LASER Mother Sandra Ortega Gomez
“I really appreciate the opportunity for my daughter to participate in LASER. I really enjoyed meeting folks at the Academy information meeting. We received a lot of useful information and tips on how my daughter can participate. My husband stated that the meeting was the most positive he has been in in a long time - so thank you for that!

I met with my daughter's mentor last week and she was prepared with information to share with my daughter. Rachel was welcoming and encouraged my daughter to get involved in activities on campus and invited her to some activities. I believe the LASER mentorship will teach my daughter a lot and support her transition from high school to college...thank you!”

LASER Scholar and High School Senior Leobeliz Perdomo
“I have a 4.17 GPA, and I got accepted to all the colleges I applied, including Ohio State. LASER, keep doing all the activities and programs because they're really helpful and fun.”  (Received a Morrill Scholarship.)

LASER Mentee Kayla Calvillo
“I love how LASER has aided me throughout my last year of high school by providing constant support and help for all of my college endeavors. In addition, I love how everyone is so caring and compassionate! I hope to gain leadership skills that will aid me in one day being a LASER mentor myself so I am able to give back and help someone else in the same way LASER has helped me!”

LASER Graduate Scholar Olivia Consentino
“I have been accepted to two conferences and an article of mine will be published as a chapter in an anthology. I am also in talks with publishing companies who are interested in a book that I want to edit on 1960-80s Mexican cinema.”

LASER is located at 300 Hale Hall (154 W 12th Ave) on the Ohio State Campus. Hale Hall serves as a space for LASER Mentors to meet with Mentees. LASER Mentors work with students - at all levels of learning preparation - for the next step: admission to college or graduate and professional schools.