Latino Role Models Day 2017

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Latino Role model students smiling for the camera

Latino Role Models Day

April 13, 2017
Ohio Union | The Ohio State University

Latino Role Models Day brings Latino high school students from the Columbus and greater and Columbus area to the Ohio State campus to engage in exploratory conversations with professionals, faculty, and community members invested in education for Latinos.

Agenda for 2017 Latino Role Models Day.

“Professionally I was honored to be part of it. And personally, as a mother, it was a success because my oldest son, Brandon, loved the campus so much he wants to go to Ohio State instead after talking and visiting other colleges.”
                                                                                 — Parent

“My students loved Latino Role Models Day for just that reason: it opened their eyes to the many different opportunities that are available to them.”

“The exposure to this large group of high school students. The program is a wonderful example of how powerful we are as a community.”
                                                                                 — Corporate Member Role Model

“It was a fantastic event and I was honored to have been asked to play a role in helping the next generation navigate their career options.”
                                                                                 — Community Role Model

“The highlight: I got to meet other high schoolers that wanted to major in the same thing as me”—High School Student “I loved the icebreaker and campus tour.”
                                                                                 — High School Student