LASER: a new name
for a new generation

View from space of the AmericasWhen Professor Frederick Aldama founded LASER in 2009, he looked for a name that would “capture best the wondrous complexity of our Latino/a community as it exists within the US and the hemispheric Américas.” The name he selected: Latino and Latin American Space for Enrichment & Research.

However, in the wake of the Brown and Black Lives Matter movements, a new generation of Latino/as have chosen the identifier Latinx, an important ground-up generated identifier that discards the old-school gender categories that Latino and Latina carry.

“Latinx actively embraces LGBTQ subjects and experiences. It also affirms our connection through language, culture, and history to our brothers and sisters across the Américas,” stated Professor Aldama. “It is in this sprit that we have decided to rebrand the program as LASER: Latinx Space for Enrichment & Research.”

Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via / CC BY