Become a LASER Hub Coordinator

image of Thompason LIbrary reading room with desks and high windows

LASER offers graduate and advanced undergraduate students the opportunity to become a coordinator for one of our Hubs throughout Columbus.

As a coordinator, you will work with another graduate or advanced undergraduate student to run weekly college-readiness meetings either at select high schools or libraries throughout Columbus. The college-readiness meetings usually run for an hour each week. While there is a general program that LASER Hub Coordinators follow for the academic year, there is also flexibility within this program in order for the Hub to work organically with the respective Latinx high school population.

  • LASER Hub Coordinators are competitively selected based on accomplished work of the highest distinction and on the promise of further outstanding achievements in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

  • LASER Hub Coorinators receive financial support.

For more information, please contact LASER Director, Dr. Aldama at: